Friday, June 30, 2006

Here we are!!

Well, here we are. I guess it's time to get on the bandwagon and have a little blog. Or maybe a big blog. We'll see how it goes. Anyway, I figure this is a lot easier to maintain than our website which hasn't been updated in 6 months. This way I can take pictures, I can upload them, and you can see them the same day. Neat-o!!

So, these are some pictures taken the other day:

He's 6 months already folks! Can you believe it? He smiles all the time, happy little guy.
This is an example of amazing artwork Gracie likes to do. This was actually her first go at finger painting. Impressive is it not?? I am thinking about sending it into KBCO, a local radio station. They have a contest every year for the cover of the CD they put out. Think it would win?
She's getting her mamma's curls!! Yipee!! I refuse to cut her hair. I love how wild it is, it just embodies childhood!! I know I will have to style it someday, but for now I just love letting it be.
This is how the finger painting went. Nice, huh? What can I say, she really gets into her work.

The two trouble-makers themselves. This was suppose to be my first picture, in-fact all the pictures are out of the order I put them in, but whatever!! At least they are here, right!!