Monday, July 31, 2006


What is up with Blogger? Every time I try to add pictures it says no! Frustrating.

Anyway, we had a good weekend. James has recovered nicely. We did some home security shopping, got some new lights for the porch and an alarm for the van. I am really regretting not taking ADT up on an offer they made us a few months ago now, I think I would really like a house alarm. I'm just waiting to come home to an empty living room. It's funny because a couple of people have asked me if I am afraid or if I feel violated. I really don't feel either of those things. Mostly I am just mad. It just pisses me off because more than likely the people who did this are just some stupid bored rich teenagers. We have a lot of those around here. And they don't know that my husband works hard, and that we don't have gobs of money to just go and replace things that are broken. They just took what they wanted and didn't give any thought to the fact that they were ruining something that someone else worked hard for. They just wanted their little thrill. Total disregard for others feelings. It just makes me realize how most people today don't feel any sense of community and they certainly don't pass community responsibility down to their kids as an honorable thing. I just don't get where anyone has the gall to bust into the property of another. I never did such a thing for "fun" and I never would. It boggles my mind that there is a group of people who think that ruining someone else's property is fun. I'm sure whoever did it justified it by saying, "Oh, I'm sure they have money, they can fix it." No respect, just a sense of entitlement. I deserve it because............ Oh, the whole thing still makes my blood boil. I've contemplated sitting in my dark van night after night until someone does it again and totally scaring the everliving crap out of them. Except I really can't do that. It would be fun though. James said he'd like to go after them with a baseball bat and I have to admit I would like to see that.

In other news, Ian cut another tooth this weekend and has yet another about to bust through. He has been fairly miserable, especially at night. Going and staying asleep is the hardest thing for him. I hope it gets easier after these first few. He turned 7 months old yesterday and he is about to have his 5th tooth! Gracie got a lot of teeth really fast too, but she never seemed to be in less pain as she got older. I can still hope though!

We went to the library this morning, got Gracie some new books. She is crazy for books. She is already really good at identifying numbers and letters so we are moving on to basic reading. I picked up a few early readers last time we went and she had them memorized in like 2 days!! She can take you through a whole book by memory now. It will be so fun once she is actually recognizing and reading words.

Well, I should run, eat some lunch and get the kiddos down for a nap. Ian is sitting here next to me occasionally letting out this pitiful moan. Poor guy, I really hate teething!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Highlights from the last few days, so much has gone on I'm sure I'll forget something!

Our vehicles were broken into again last night. Yes, apparently our small-town on the outskirts of the big city is just the place for stealing stuff. Our cars were also broken into about 6 weeks ago but nothing except a pocket knife was taken. This time it was much worse. They busted the door lock and handle the passenger door of my van, and totally destroyed the lock on the door of James truck. They actually got into the truck and destroyed the dash taking out the stereo/CD player. Luckily they did not get mine. We are really mad, the body damage and the repair of the locks, dash, and replacing the stereo will probably cost us about $1000. That's just a guess, but I think it's pretty accurate. I'm thinking about buying a German Shepard to live in the van. A really mean and hungry one.

We are officially done having children. James had a vasectomy this morning, that's when we discovered the vehicles had gotten broken into. He is recovering on the couch and is seems to be doing fine.

Ian has another tooth, his third. It is also on the bottom, the next one on his right. The top two teeth are bulging at the gums too, it won't be long before they pop out.

Maggie the dog ate all our leftover KFC the other night and then proceeded to crap all over her cage again while we were out. This dog has an extremely weak stomach. We need to be even more careful about what we leave on the counters because she doesn't even need to get on her hind legs to reach stuff, she is really tall!

Connor the cat found a new home!! He is happily living on a little ranchette to the east of Parker. He now has a job, his title is Killer of Mice and Ground squirrels. His "barn mates" will be arriving in a few days, a couple of horses. His new people were really nice and promise to keep giving us updates on his life in the country. I have no doubt he will be really happy!

Gracie is cute as ever. Here are some Gracieisms from the last few days:

Me- Gracie, how old are you. Gracie- I'm two years old. Me- And how old will you be next year? Gracie- Mama, I will be 26 years old!

Setting: Gracie and Ian on our bed. Ian is rolling around and Gracie is entertaining him. Then she gets down face to face with him, hugs his neck while pressing her forehead against his and repeats about 5 times, "Just you and me Ian, just you and me." It was so stinking sweet!

Her new words when she is mad- "Oh Almighty!!" "It's 'mpossible" "Oh Pickles"
Her new way of apologizing- "I'm sorry, I had to do that"
Her new way of trying to get out of stuff- "I can't, I just can't" (This usually screamed when she is asked or told to do pretty much anything at this point).
Her new way of showing affection- "I love you mama, very much!"

News from me. I am going to start working again!! I will be giving care to 2 little boys 3 days a week here at our house. They are Joe and Jack, age 3 and 18 months. I am really glad to be able to contribute to our income again and it is just the perfect amount of work and will be a great boost to our income. They won't start for a few weeks, they are living on the other end of town right now but moving to Parker in September. So, our house will be pretty busy 3 days a week, but I think it will be well worth it. I am really hoping Gracie and Joe can become fast friends and they will enjoy the time they spend together.

Well, that's all the news that's fit to print around here today. I know, I need to get some pictures up and I will tomorrow. I will try to take some later tonight.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I thought I'd do a post on my blog roll, give you a quick introduction to the blogs we read.

I have decided I like Granny's policy of adding people to the blog roll when they leave a comment. Makes it easy to decide who I add. Of course, I reserve the right to not add someone if they are mean or rude or their blog has questionable content. But those kind of people would never comment here anyway, right? Everyone on my blog roll is good people as far as I can tell.

So they are:

Reality is for those that lack imagination- Our friend Chris. He and James go way, way back to jr. high!! He is getting ready to leave for seminary in Iowa and we wish him all the best.

Mom in Guam- My friend Samantha. We go way back to High School and it all began when we shared a locker!! She and her family live in Guam where she stays home and her husband works at their local church and camp. They have 3 boys that are oh so blonde and oh so cute.

Sweet Juniper- Dutch, Wood, and Juniper. They live in San Franscisco and are getting ready to leave for Detroit. This is one of the first blogs I started reading regularily and I just love it. They are very honest, very funny, and Juniper is one adorable kid!

Information on Infant Circumcision- The title pretty much says what it is!! There is lots of information here on what circumcision actually is and why you should avoid it. Excellently referrenced information from a fellow MDC mama.

Palantyri's Bar Stool- This is James pesonal blog. He talks a lot about sports, specifically baseball, specifically the Cubs. The family gets an occasional mention though!

Where in the World.....- This is the blog of my cousin Ryan and his girlfriend Brittany as they travel around the world. They left the US last December and have been wandering the planet. It's been quite a journey and if you get the time to read from the beginning you will learn a lot. I love reading where they are and what has happened and I am so there with them in spirit!

April Showers- April is James sister. She lives in North Carolina and is a Children's Ministries director in her church. It's nice to know what she's up to when she posts because she tends to be a very busy person!

Heather- Heather is James mom. She lives about an hour and a half north of us. We see them pretty regularily, but it's still nice to have another avenue to keep contact.

Out and About in Colorado- This is the blog of my friend Jeni. She and I were roommates for 4 years, we moved out here together and experienced the bulk of our twenties together. It's been really hard to keep contact now that we have each gotten married and I have the kiddos, but having a blog sure does help!

Roc Rebel Granny- Ann was the first visitor to make a comment on our blog. Her blog is about her life with her husband and 3 great-granddaughters. They are cooking in the California heat right now!

Today I am adding to my roll:

Susie's Space- Sue has stopped by and commented a couple of times now. She is also in California and writes about life in general, her big kitty, and her grandkids. Today she has up a recipe for Applesauce bread that sounds pretty good!!

Things that make me go Hmm...- This is my friend Felicia, also a pal from High School. She is expecting her first baby with her hubby Tim and they are getting pretty excited. Her thoughts about every day occurances have given me a good laugh, she has a great sense of sarcastic humor!!

Well, that's about it for my blog roll. I'm just waiting for Ian to wake up from his nap so we can head to playgroup. There's been a few other things going on around here as well, so I may post again later today!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Vaccination. This topic is on my mind because it was implied in a conversation I had this weekend that I am a little nuts for not vaccinating my kids. I understand people feel that way, and that's just fine. But I do want it known that this is not a fly-by-night decision that wasn't thought out and researched and worried over. I have literally done hours and hours (dare I say days) of research, and I continue to do research, at times almost daily.

I am also concerned because I fear for a "hot lot" that may be being dosed right now. I know this is not scientific, but I have heard of 7 separate cases in the last 2 weeks where a child died exactly two days after vaccination. These were all infants. That just seems like an absurd amount of babies dying. Anecdotal I know, but it is enough to make me wonder.

My reasoning for not vaccinating is actually quite simple, and the information I am putting here puts it in black and white as simple as possible. This is why I don't vaccinate. Because the possibility of harm from the vaccine is equal to or greater than the damage from the disease it's self. And I would much rather fight an illness that is known and documented and has known and documented cures than fight a vaccine reaction which can be very random, very damaging, very unexplainable, and worst very untreatable. If you take a look at the VAERS site and search the various vaccines you will see what I mean. The most minor reactions have basically the same symptoms as the diseases themselves, fever, rash, etc..... The bad reactions; far, far worse.

I am not afraid of illness. My kids have been sick every now and again and we have all survived. If you research the illnesses that are vaccinated against they are, in most cases, no worse than a fever, discomfort, runny nose, sore throat, and a rash of somesort. I say in most cases because I am not fool enough to think that some people won't get horribly sick from these things and occasionally people die. I am confident though, from the research that I have done, that if you live a healthy life style, drink clean water, eat organic and keep your immune system functioning as well as possible, you will come through these illnesses without problems. I know there was a time in our country where some of these diseases were much more prevalent. I credit clean water, much better sanitation, and improvements in living conditions with helping bring the rate these illness affect people to much lower levels.

I am afraid of adverse vaccine reactions. They occur at a higher rate than the illnesses themselves. They are often sudden and violent. They are severely underreported (the CDC estimates that only 10% of adverse reactions are actually reported as such, leaving a huge amount of medical issues labeled as "unknown cause").

I got this information from a cyber friend that compiled the following information from the CDC (Centers for Disease) website . This is a compilation of diseases, deaths from those diseases, deaths from the vaccination given for those diseases (from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System which has been set up by our government to compensate people who are harmed by the administration of vaccinations
) in the year 2002, the most recent year available. I think this information helps put things in to perspective. You may not agree with me, and that's just fine. But you can't say I'm crazy. These numbers speak for themselves.

From Fyrestorm, a fellow MDC mom:
I did some looking around a few month back between disease mortality rates vs vax deaths (CDC mortality stats/vaers) the last mortality number available were for 2002 so I compared those to VAERS

reports for 2002. Here is what I came up with:

Disease Hep B
Deaths from Disease 5 (Under the age of 25)
Deaths From Vax 4
Adverse Events Reported * 4290

Disease Diphtheria
Deaths from Disease 2
Deaths From Vax DTP & DTaP Vax 50
Adverse Events Reported * DTP & DTaP Vax 801

Disease Tetanus
Deaths from Disease 0
Deaths From Vax DTP & DTaP Vax 50
Adverse Events Reported * DTP & DTaP Vax 801

Disease Pertussis
Deaths from Disease 54
Deaths From Vax DTP & DTaP Vax 50
Adverse Events Reported * DTP & DTaP Vax 801

Disease HIB
Deaths from Disease 9
Deaths From Vax 28
Adverse Events Reported * 1042

Disease Measles
Deaths from Disease 0
Deaths From Vax MMR 17
Adverse Events Reported * MMR 1900

Disease Mumps
Deaths from Disease 1 (age 75-84)
Deaths From Vax MMR 17
Adverse Events Reported * MMR 1900

Disease Rubella
Deaths from Disease 0
Deaths From Vax MMR 17
Adverse Events Reported * MMR 1900

Disease Pneumococcus
Deaths from Disease 99
Deaths From Vax 6
Adverse Events Reported * 342

Disease Vaericilla
Deaths from Disease 2
Deaths From Vax 6
Adverse Events Reported * 2674

*Since the CDC acknowledges that only 10% of reactions are reported, these numbers are
aprox. 90% higher than shown

There is more information to be had if you would like. Fyrestorm has a 3 page spreadsheet that includes this information as well as other important stuff, like vaccine ingredients and charts that show the decline of disease before vaccines were even introduced to the public. Interesting stuff!! If you want it just let me know and I can e-mail it to you.

And, if you've read this far and you still like me, thanks!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Photo Blog!!!
At the park.
Gracie's favorite, the tire swing.
Daddy assisting Gracie in making "birthday cakes". Putting candles in the "cakes".
The boys and Maggie taking a break.
He's gonna crawl so soon!
What a big boy!
Daddy's little girl.
Princess Gracie!
Grabbing Grandma's hair.

Rock 'N Roll Baby!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

OK, update on the kitty. Scout did not tear a nail out as I thought. It seems he might have an infection though of some sort that is affecting his nail bed. He is on an antibiotics right now and we will see how it goes. But the doctor said that he suspects it is not an infection, but something along the lines of an auto-immune disease! Apparently one of the first things that happens when cats have lupus (yet, LUPUS!!) is their nail beds are attacked. He suspects that may be the issue, but we are trying the cheaper route first. Good stinking grief!! A funny (or scary depending on how you look at it) thing he asked me was if Scout had been recently vaccinated. Apparently they are familiar with vaccinations causing auto-immune disease in animals. (His exact words were "Sometimes we see auto-immune disorders as a result of vaccinations." He actually said result!!) Well, we don't vaccinate (let the flaming begin) in our family simply because of crap like that. It's not anecdotal, it really does happen. And I have no desire to have a child with a disorder like lupus, or worse. Scout did, however, receive vaccinations last year when he was fixed. I will now spend most of the night obsessing about how much more I disdain the machine that is Big Pharma (which is, of course, in bed with our government). OK, I must stop because I do not want this to become my soap box tonight.

That's all for tonight, I need to go to bed. Try to get some rest before the great tooth wars begin.

Well, here's what's been going on in the Burson household the last few days.

Ian is teething again. He is screaming in pain and waking up multiple (meaning too many to bother counting) times every night. James and I have been mind-numbingly tired. I don't know how James functions at work, I barely function here at home. He is fairly grumpy during the day too. I can see where the tooth is going to erupt, it's his top right. I'm sure the top left isn't far behind. Oh how I hate teething. Oh how I detest people who tell me their kids were great teethers!! Gracie was a horrid teether. And by luck of the draw, so is Ian.

I was the chiropractor today, I also saw him last week, and that was the first time in over a year. This is a new guy, and I really like him. Anyway, I have had nagging questions about my body and how it works and why on earth I ended up with c-sections when I have the hips of a horse and the child producing genetics that are the result of having Catholic (11 kids) grandparents. We got pregnant without even trying. I look like a woman that would breeze through birth. So why don't I? I knew that I had a tailbone injury from an x-ray that a chiropractor took when I was about 25, and I have always wondered if that was the problem. In fact it was one of the first things I mentioned to my midwives when I was newly pregnant with Gracie, and they acted like I was silly to mention it. Well, after having babies that don't descend at all and put me in the operating room I decided I wanted it looked at by someone who might take me seriously. And wouldn't you know it, my instincts were right. My chiropractor took one look at it and explained what has happened. The bottom of my tailbone was fractured a long time ago. I don't know when or how because I don't remember any injury taking place. Anyway, the bottom of my tailbone has since completely detached from my spine and is "floating" in my pelvis, save a few ligaments. He said that that issue, combined with how my spine is twisted (because my left leg is shorter than my right by 1/2 an inch) has most likely created a lot of issues with my soft tissues (ligaments and muscles) and made a passageway that is not favorable to say the least. He said that the only way to fix it is an adjustment that requires internal maneuvers (sounds like so much fun) or surgery. And the adjustment is actually only really affective on new injuries, which this is not, so it's really not an option. And he has never done one, so he would send me elsewhere for that anyway. He said that without surgery he can confidently predict I would need another c-section. Wow. I kind of feel relieved, and I am also kind of mad. I wish the doctor that first noticed this injury has recommended I have it fixed, it may have saved me two major surgeries. I wish my midwives had taken me more seriously when I told them I was concerned about that, it would have saved us the money we paid them for the homebirth that never happened. Oh, and additionally fun news, I have to wear a lift in my left shoe for the rest of my life, or order special made shoes with the lift built in. I never spend money on shoes, and now I am going to have to put out $50-$100 per pair!!! I need to open a savings account simply for shoes. The positive thing is that this guy seems really committed to helping me feel better and get better. He is by far the best chiropractor I have ever seen, he's not just focused on getting me in and cracked and out. He spends lots of time and talks and explains and tells me what I have to do in-between visits to help my own recovery. I plan to take the kids in to see him really soon.

Connor is still with us. Every person that has indicated interest has fallen through. He is living in our spare bathroom, and actually hasn't made a huge deal out of it. He did pee on the bed I put in there though, *sigh*. And as I type James is on his way home so I can take Scout to the vet. While I was out today he somehow hooked his front paw on something and has pretty much torn an entire nail out. It looks really gross and very painful. Ian and I are going to go to the vet while Gracie and James hang out.

So, that's what's up around here. Here's a couple of pictures, just so you don't forget what the kids look like!!

Ok, never mind, blogger won't let me download for some reason. I'll try to come back later, James is home so I'm off to the vet!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This is a list of things that was written by Kristen Scott of Blogging Baby. She titled it 6 Misconceptions I held before I had children. I love it and I just had to reprint it here for all my lovely readers!!

1) That children do not belong in restaurants - I used to hate having to raise my voice over my Bellini to combat the loud cry of a child. For the love of Pete, I thought, can't those people get a babysitter? I did not realize that parents sometimes need to go out in public, with their child, it is necessary to conduct a normal life outside the confines of home.

2) That parents should be able to prevent their children from crying/whining/throwing a tantrum in public - I have already had to eat crow on this one a dozen times - in Safeway, the drug store, the parking lot, restaurants, everywhere. If Nolan wants to start shrieking, there is nothing that I can do.

3) Bribing children with food is wrong - See above. I will do anything to halt a public meltdown, it is for my benefit and yours. You do what it takes.

4) That I shouldn't be expected to coo over someone's funny-looking child - Now that I have a child, I understand how upsetting it is as a Mom to watch Nolan get ignored when he is waving bye bye or smiling shyly at someone in public. I feel so heartbroken for him when he's rejected. He doesn't understand rejection. A little smile at my baby wouldn't hurt. Also he's not funny looking (your own child never is, of course.)

5) That I should never be faced with a woman's breast in a public place - My opinion on breastfeeding has dramatically shifted from somewhat uncomfortable with the notion to staunch advocate. I am ashamed that prior to having a baby, I didn't think women should breastfeed in public. I didn't realize how frequently feedings were required, nor how natural and beneficial it is for a baby.

6) That quiet, calm discipline would create a perfectly quiet, disciplined child - This one makes me laugh. Bop, pow, bop! No discipline creates a perfectly quiet child, especially a baby.

And here are a few misconceptions of my own:

1) You shouldn't change who you are to be a parent- I had no idea this is not somthing you have control over. You don't try to change, you are changed. Period.

2) That you deserve to get your "life" back- Ummm, now I realize that the life I made is a little more important than my own.

3) Babies should take bottles and be left with baby sitters early and often- Well, now I know that some babies will refuse to eat from anything but the natural container. And you can't alway afford a qualified babysitter, and family isn't always at your beck and call. And you know what, it's a very short and formative time in my babies life. I'll survive without dinner and a movie for a couple of years. A DVD and chinese ordered in can be just as nice, and a lot less nerve-wracking.

4) It's ok to let your baby cry themselves to sleep- I think when I was a nanny I told every family I worked for to do this. Now that I'm a mom I realize that letting my baby cry instinctually goes against every moral fiber of my being. It's tempting, but it's terrible, and no one benefits. I wouldn't let James cry himself to sleep without comforting him, why would I do that to my baby? (I feel terrible guilt for letting babies cry when I was a nanny.)

5) It will get easier as they get older- Nope, it just gets different.

6) You will love your kids- Well the misconception part of this is that I had no idea how much this love overwhelms your life. It's truly undescribeable. Making the sacrafices is tough, but when I'm playing with Gracie and she stops and says "I love you mommy, you're my best friend", or when Ian wakes from a nap and greets me with his arms up and a huge smile, well, there really, truly, honestly, isn't anything in the world that feels quite so good.

There are lots, lots more things I could add, but the kids are going to wake up any second, so I am going to stop. Suffice it to say that pretty much nothing you think about parenting before you are one, is the way it actually is!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pics from yesterday evening.
Gracie watching, yep, you guessed it, Chicken Run. We have limited that movie to once a day now, and she actually went a few days without requesting it at all. I think I am going to make an every other day rule this week though. She has the silly thing pretty much memorized at this point. A friend of mine said she thinks kids watch movies over and over like that because they are trying to process all the emotions that occur. I guess that makes sense. But I am getting just plain sick of it. And I actually use to like that movie!

Ian kicking back. The blanket he is laying on was a sewing project when I was in college. I'm so glad it's getting some use 10 years later!!
This is "Slimy the worm". Some of you may be familiar with Slimy from Sesame Street. I was outside yesterday evening and watering the flowers when Gracie saw this little millipede crawling on the patio. She immediately dubbed him Slimy and played with him and talked to him for quite awhile. It was really cute. Until she started trying to pick him up. She was pinching him really hard. I think that their encounter may have been the end of the road for poor Slimy. I put him in my flowers, but he didn't seem to be moving. It may have just been shock, it may have been more. I'm not really sure.Gracie following Slimy around.
Gracie holding Slimy. This is where the poor little guy probably met his end! Kids and bugs!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

We're just hanging around the house this weekend. Been doing a little home improvement here and there! We got a new couch last night, you can see it in the background of some of the pictures. We got it for free on Craigslist. Man, you gotta love that. It has a couple of rough spots, but generally it's in good shape, and it matches our other couch which makes us happy. I have been interviewing people to take Connor. I have had 3 interested people now. I am glad because it looks like we are going to be able to find him a situation where he will be indoor only as he is here so he will be safe and sound and happy. All the situations are either couple or a single person, no kids, no other pets. I think he will be very glad to go to a nice quiet place.
I bought some bricks to put out side to make a tiny sidewalk from our patio to the grass. The way the builders did things there is a small patch about 8 inches long that just has rocks and mulch. Now you can just step on the little bricks to go into the yard. It makes it much less of a tripping hazard. I actually may have to go buy a couple more bricks to make it a little wider, but it works nice as it is now.
So, here's some pictures from the last few days around here. This is Gracie and Ian playing and our new couch in the background:
Here's Mr. Serious himself:
This was Gracie the other day. I'm not sure what she was doing, but it sure looks silly!
Ian loves a good bath. It's so nice that he can sit in the little chair now. Makes bath time so much easier!
Maggie and Ian after a little jam session on the recorder.
Mom- I sure hope you are feeling better!! We love you!
April- Thanks for letting us know what's up with you. This blogging thing is such an easy way to keep in touch. I wish we could send Connor to you too. I'm sure he will be fine once he is away from all the noise and insanity around here. We love you too!
I hope everyone has a great finish to their weekend!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ugh..... the cat.

Connor. He has really brought me to the last straw. I am really ticked about it too.

He has been peeing in the house. Again. For no reason, other than he is just a little brat.

This started in force when Ian came home. At first we thought there was something wrong, so we took him to the vet. Nothing. So we did all the behavioral things they say to do when cats are peeing out of the box. We added another box, made it easy for him to get to one. We started separating the cats on a regular basis to give them a break from each other thinking maybe he was sick of fighting with Scout. We have changed food, litter, places in the house. We have secluded him in the bathroom with food, water, and a box of his own. He peed behind the toilet and in front of the box. He peed next to the box in the livingroom, in both places we have moved it too. We have had the carpets professionally cleaned once, and rented a cleaner twice.

I can't take it anymore. My house is in a massive stage of stink right now because I discovered he has been using the floor again, between the box and the couch. The carpets are just ruined at this point. Anytime it is humid around here, which thank goodness isn't all that often, the smell comes up from the first corner he has ruined. Now there is this second corner to deal with. I cleaned it twice yesterday by hand and then rented a carpet cleaner again. It is now soaking. The carpet is fairly easy to clean, but the pad needs to be replaced and the floor needs to be scrubbed and resealed, because that's where the smell lives. It's just so frustrating. He never did this kind of thing until we owned our own home. Seriously. He did have a problem one time, but it was because he was sick. But now, it's just a statement. He's pissed, and he's going to let everyone know it, literally!!

So, I have decided it is time for him to move on. He needs a home where he is the only pet and there are no kids. Or a barn outside where he can do whatever he pleases. He doesn't like it here. I really believe that. He has always been pretty anti-social, I'm pretty sure his genetics are completely feral. The pet shop that sold him probably took him and his littermates from a farmer that found them in the corner of a barn. And that's honestly probably where he should go back to. He can live out his days chasing mice and basking in the sun. He's neutered so he won't contribute to the population, but he's got his claws so he can defend himself.

I listed him on Craigslist. I would feel guilty, except I really think he is trying to tell us he wants to go. Obviously I can't return the kids, and Maggie and Scout are perfectly content to live in a busy household. But Connor, he's a loner. He's stressed and ready to find a quiet place. My friend Cyndi told me I should call local horse barns to see if anyone needs a cat to help keep the grain free of mice. That's a really good idea, and I plan to get on that when I finish posting.

So,if anyone reading this lives near Denver and wants a big orange cat that has serious litter problems please let me know!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Well, two cups of coffee, breakfast, lunch, a shower, and two napping children seem to be what I need to improve my mood. I feel much better than I did this morning. (But God, my request still stands, I could really use a good-nights sleep tonight). So, some stories and a couple pictures.
Yesterday Gracie and Ian were dancing around in the living room. Well, Gracie was dancing, Ian was being danced by me. Anyway, she wanted him to dance like she was, which of course he can't because he doesn't stand on his own yet, not to mention run, jump and twirl. She kept yelling instructions to him, and she was getting frustrated by his lack of cooperation. So, she stopped in front of him, got down on her knees to his eye level, put her hands on his cheeks and said "Sweetheart, you have to listen to me." I guess we must react pretty calmly to her when she doesn't listen to us, it's nice to know that when someone doesn't listen to her she doesn't haul off and smack them!!!
This morning once Ian had a nap and we were all a little more clear headed, we did some diapering of various things in the house. Gracie is infatuated with all things baby, and diapers are no exception. We use cloth diapers, so there is a little more to do than just grab one and put it on. She sees me wash them, sort them, and put them away. She has her special diapers for bedtime, otherwise they are all Ians. She picked his diaper out of the drawer after he woke up from his morning nap and it is one of my favorites:

Once Ian was diapered then Gracie decided that her little pretend ketchup bottle needed a diaper so I fashioned one for him from a cloth wipe and a diaper pin. (Yes, I use cloth wipes too. We all need to do our part for the environment you know!!)
Then Gracie decided that Mr. Ketchup's friend, Mr. Mustard also needed a diaper and his picture taken. She put a cookie cutter on him as his diaper:
And finally she decided that she too needed a diaper. So I put one of Ian's on her. It would barely close, but I managed to get it on. She then rolled around on the floor for awhile pretending to be a baby before declaring she had to poop and she needed the diaper off "right now" so she could go use her potty.
I am so glad she's potty trained!!

Dear God,

I am just curious if you let your people sleep once they arrive in heaven. Because I am looking for a quiet place to rest, and I am considering my options. As you may know, the last couple of nights have been very, ummmm, unrestful. Why do you let babies have such short and erratic sleeping cycles? I would think the design would be much better served if they slept well, meaning well-rested happy parents, and harmony within the home.

But, as you know, last night Ian decided it would be nice to get up around 2:30am. This was after he was up 3 other times, one of which was a marathon nursing session of approximately 45 minutes. I was tired. I had passed out. I was in so deep I was drooling. And then his sweet little coo came cutting through the darkness. He wasn't just awake, he was happy and wanting to play. I tried to get him to sleep for half an hour. He did not want to eat, he did not want to be patted in the darkness, he wanted to interact, to scream and smile and laugh.

I did not.

But, when you're a parent that doesn't matter much. So I did my duty, I got out of bed, I took him downstairs into a dark livingroom, and I let him play until he was tired. We went back up at about 3:30 and he fell back asleep in just a couple minutes. For about 5 minutes!!! Then he was up again, but crying this time. So then James took him and they went back downstairs and he fell asleep again. He finally was back in bed at 4:30am.

Then he was up for the day at 7am.

Now God, I don't pretend to understand a lot of what you do, but I am asking, no I am begging, that you give us a better night of sleep tomorrow. Because he is a huge crank right now, and I am too. It's gonna be a long grumpy day I'm afraid. And this is becoming a vicious cycle.

He was such a good sleeper for awhile. Stretches of sleep for 6 hours, sometimes more. Can I please have that back?

I (and James) would be forever grateful.
Thanks for listening.

Here's the kiddos this morning. Does he look as tired as he should? I don't think so.
Gracie watching her beloved Chicken Run. She is so addicted to that movie. It (and the sleep-deprivation) are driving me to insanity!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'd like to introduce you to our four legged family members. First off is Maggie. Maggie has only been with us for a month. She came to us by way of Craigslist. Her original family had abandoned her, they told their neighbor they were moving and they were going to leave her in the backyard for the police to come get and take to a shelter! Well, the neighbor said she would just find the dog a new home for them. She did find Maggie a home, but then her new family brought her back because they said she shed too much!! So, then she found us. Or we found her. I'm not really sure how that works, but anyway, she is a great dog. She is very kid friendly and loves us all very much. And she can chase her tail at an amazingly high rate of speed. She's really a very good girl.This is Connor (the orange guy) and Scout ( the black and white guy). They both came from petshops. Not very exciting really. Connor was the kitten hissing in the corner of the cage. James wanted him because he had orange hair. We had just gotten married and I didn't really care because we were just getting a cat to accompany my cat, Jasper, after the very quick and unexpected deaths of my dog Baylee and my cat James (Yes, I had a cat that had the same name as the man I married. Weird.) Anyway, we took him home, and he's always been kind of a trouble maker, but he has come around and can be a sweet lap cat. He also has a very cool cat trick, he is a fetch kitty!! If you throw any sort of crumpled up paper or a bow from a package he will chase it down and bring it back, again, and again, and again. Then Scout joined us when my cat Jasper suddenly passed away. (I had my own little menagerie before James married me. He understands my love for pets!!) Scout is a very sweet and tiny cat. He barely weighs 7 pounds. He is a cuddler. He doesn't have any special talents, but we love him anyway!
Well, now obviously this little guy only has two legs. But I expect that he will at least act like he has four legs pretty darn soon. He started lifting his chest way off the ground this week, and he didn't quite get on his knees, but it's only a short matter of time I fear!! He is really mastering the art of sitting up though which he really likes to do. (See that blanket he is sitting on? That was my "kiki" when I was a baby. I slept with that thing forever, and yet it is in very good shape. Pretty cool, huh?)
And here's Gracie. She is definitely not of the four legged variety. I took this picture to demonstrate what happens when you leave your produce out and turn your back to do something else. Gracie grabbed this mango off the kitchen table, and before I even noticed she had devoured about half of it. She had mango juice everywhere, on the carpet, down her belly, down her arms, and all over her face. Oh well, at least she likes healthy food, right?
Gracie has been cooking meatballs for the last couple of days. I gave her a package of bouncy balls and she immediately put them in her little wooden pot on her little wooden cooktop and declared she was making meatballs. She has insisted on us participating in the cooking as well, we must sit next to her and stir the pot while she reminds us the stove is "hot,hot,hot" Then she feeds them to us. She is a little cook in training I guess. But the weird thing is I never make meatballs. I have no idea where she came up with making them.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Just a few thoughts today.

No pictures, I've been going stark raving mad without my dear James. I don't know how I managed to get so many pictures the first day he was gone, but we are on day 3 now, and it has come down to survival. The kiddos are both sleeping now, amazingly the house is at peace. Gracie did not nap yesterday, so it was one stinking long day!

This morning I was cleaning up in my bedroom and Gracie was running around on our bed. She was being really goofy, and she started turning quick little circles on the bed. "I'm chasing my butt mommy!" she screamed. Maggie chases her tail, and Gracie thinks it's just hysterical. So I guess she's come up with her own way of chasing her tail. If her belly-busting giggles were any indication she thinks she's just as funny as the dog.

Little Ian is like a webble-wobble these days. He gets mad if you even think of lying him down anywhere, he just wants to sit up. But his balance isn't so great. I think the fact that we use cloth diapers makes it even harder because he has more bulk on his little butt. He has a bump in the middle of his forehead from making contact with different toys and the ground. He's getting better at catching himself though, so hopefully it won't be permanent!

Oh, I also wanted to mention that Gracie dressed herself the day I took those pictures in the previous post. It's a battle enough to get any clothes on her (she's a total nudist, I'm lucky if I can get her to even wear panties around the house), so when she puts on pants and a shirt all by herself there is no way I am going to try to change her. Just remember that whenever you are looking at pictures and think to yourself "Good heavens, doesn't Alice know anything about matching clothes?" Believe me, I know!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The theme of today was playtime at the park!!
We met up with out Wednesday morning playgroup at Cottonwood Park today, a lovely old shaded park with huge cottonwood trees. It's only a couple minute walk down the Cherry Creek Path from our house. I had Gracie bring her bucket and shovels because last time we were there all she did was sit and dig in this mud hole. I knew she would want to do that again and I wanted her to be prepared!! This first picture is the cool pipes next to the mud hole. She and her best friend Claire were making "birthday cakes" in the pipe. Gracie is in the middle, Claire on the outside. I have no idea who the other kids is!! The mud hole!! So very much fun!
Gracie and Claire on the tire swing. What is it about swings that kids love so much? Whenever we go to the park that is about all she wants to do. I have to practically force her to run and jump and climb and slide. I guess it's something to do with relaxing and having someone else do all the work!!
After nap Gracie decided to build with her legos, and this was her "sand castle".
The ever patient little brother!! This was on our trip to our little local neighborhood park after dinner.
She's just full of mischief!!
Gracie and a friend she made, Destiny. They were having a blast and Gracie got all worn out, which is the goal of going to the park after dinner. James is in Cleveland for 3 days, so I desperately needed someone to run her around! This little girl was just the trick!
And that is the end of our day!!!
Good night!!
These are the clouds....
More of the clouds that....
Interrupted our happy little 4th of July Celebration.
Ian was practicing how to sit up by himself...
And James was practicing his totally awesome jump and twist move.... while Gracie ran around in the field making friends with anyone that would listen to her. (She's a little bossy, I have no idea where she gets that from.)
Alas our fireworks were not to be and we left in short order when the wind picked up and the temperature dropped a good 15 degrees. On the way home the rain started, and it was blinding pounding rain for awhile. Apparently many places have rescheduled, but I think we will just declare this year a wash (haha).
So, how was your fourth?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Hanging around the house......
Ian has two teeth now, both on bottom!!
The title says it all!!

Just hanging around!!

We are planning to watch the fireworks somewhere around here tomorrow. Gracie really liked them last year so I'm sure she will like them even more this year. We are hopefully going to get together with some friends so Gracie has a buddy to hang with while waiting for the fireworks to get started.
I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pictures from Gracie's last swimming class. She's had a lot of fun!!! It was a parent/child class and James took here every Saturday except for one where I had the priviledge of going. She sang songs and played with water toys and she even went down the waterslide with daddy. We plan to enroll her in this class at least one more time before she turns 3 and can take lessons on her own. She's going to be a fish!!

We're having a quiet evening after our busy day!! The dog has had a bath and we are all worn out. Tomorrow we are taking Gracie to the movies to see Cars. She earned going by filling up her potty chart with stickers! She has been pretty much potty trained since her birthday, but we decided to have a potty chart and the incentive of a movie after a week of lots of accidents. Amazingly it did the trick and she has been accident free the last few days!!
So today was Gracie's last session of swimming class. Then we all ran over to a nurse-in at Victoria's secret. Come home and here's our surprise. Maggie decided to pee and do a little diareeha in her cage.


We are still learning about her personality a little, but geez. So we manage to get G down for a nap, then proceed to quietly do our best to clean up the crap. oh so much fun.

We had been giving her some soft food the last few days, apparently that doesn't jive with her digestive tract or something. Just nasty.

There, aren't ya glad you read today's post?