Monday, July 31, 2006


What is up with Blogger? Every time I try to add pictures it says no! Frustrating.

Anyway, we had a good weekend. James has recovered nicely. We did some home security shopping, got some new lights for the porch and an alarm for the van. I am really regretting not taking ADT up on an offer they made us a few months ago now, I think I would really like a house alarm. I'm just waiting to come home to an empty living room. It's funny because a couple of people have asked me if I am afraid or if I feel violated. I really don't feel either of those things. Mostly I am just mad. It just pisses me off because more than likely the people who did this are just some stupid bored rich teenagers. We have a lot of those around here. And they don't know that my husband works hard, and that we don't have gobs of money to just go and replace things that are broken. They just took what they wanted and didn't give any thought to the fact that they were ruining something that someone else worked hard for. They just wanted their little thrill. Total disregard for others feelings. It just makes me realize how most people today don't feel any sense of community and they certainly don't pass community responsibility down to their kids as an honorable thing. I just don't get where anyone has the gall to bust into the property of another. I never did such a thing for "fun" and I never would. It boggles my mind that there is a group of people who think that ruining someone else's property is fun. I'm sure whoever did it justified it by saying, "Oh, I'm sure they have money, they can fix it." No respect, just a sense of entitlement. I deserve it because............ Oh, the whole thing still makes my blood boil. I've contemplated sitting in my dark van night after night until someone does it again and totally scaring the everliving crap out of them. Except I really can't do that. It would be fun though. James said he'd like to go after them with a baseball bat and I have to admit I would like to see that.

In other news, Ian cut another tooth this weekend and has yet another about to bust through. He has been fairly miserable, especially at night. Going and staying asleep is the hardest thing for him. I hope it gets easier after these first few. He turned 7 months old yesterday and he is about to have his 5th tooth! Gracie got a lot of teeth really fast too, but she never seemed to be in less pain as she got older. I can still hope though!

We went to the library this morning, got Gracie some new books. She is crazy for books. She is already really good at identifying numbers and letters so we are moving on to basic reading. I picked up a few early readers last time we went and she had them memorized in like 2 days!! She can take you through a whole book by memory now. It will be so fun once she is actually recognizing and reading words.

Well, I should run, eat some lunch and get the kiddos down for a nap. Ian is sitting here next to me occasionally letting out this pitiful moan. Poor guy, I really hate teething!


Sue said...

How wonderful that you are instilling a love of reading at such an early age! My daughter just finished her BA in Early Childhood and is specializing in Childhood Literacy.
Sorry to hear about your vandalism! It's hard to feel really secure after that happens...

Granny said...

I hate that feeling of violation even when nothing has been taken.

April Showers said...

Hey Lady,
I'm glad to hear from you. I've checked your posts the past couple of days and there hasn't been anything new. I bet you're just busy, aren't ya?
I don't know when I'll bring Mike home. I wasn't really planning on coming back home until the holidays. So it might not be until then. But I'll get you some pictures soon.
He was actually married before, but his wife left him. He has a little girl who turns 3 in September. She is absolutely adorable. I know...what am I thinking, right? It's definitely not something I ever "planned" on doing or imagined myself doing. But so far, it has totally been a God-thing how things have played out. So I'm curious to see how Mom and Dad and all of you guys react to that. :-) We'll see what happens, right?
So what's on your guys' agenda for the rest of the week/weekend? Are you ready for James to turn 30? And your birthday's coming soon!
Well...I'm going to go hang out with Mike and Madylin for a little bit. We were going to go to the park and play, but it's still like 90 degrees outside, so I don't know if we'll do that.
Have a great night. Send out a new post when you can. I need some more pictures! :-) Love ya!