Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dear God,

I am just curious if you let your people sleep once they arrive in heaven. Because I am looking for a quiet place to rest, and I am considering my options. As you may know, the last couple of nights have been very, ummmm, unrestful. Why do you let babies have such short and erratic sleeping cycles? I would think the design would be much better served if they slept well, meaning well-rested happy parents, and harmony within the home.

But, as you know, last night Ian decided it would be nice to get up around 2:30am. This was after he was up 3 other times, one of which was a marathon nursing session of approximately 45 minutes. I was tired. I had passed out. I was in so deep I was drooling. And then his sweet little coo came cutting through the darkness. He wasn't just awake, he was happy and wanting to play. I tried to get him to sleep for half an hour. He did not want to eat, he did not want to be patted in the darkness, he wanted to interact, to scream and smile and laugh.

I did not.

But, when you're a parent that doesn't matter much. So I did my duty, I got out of bed, I took him downstairs into a dark livingroom, and I let him play until he was tired. We went back up at about 3:30 and he fell back asleep in just a couple minutes. For about 5 minutes!!! Then he was up again, but crying this time. So then James took him and they went back downstairs and he fell asleep again. He finally was back in bed at 4:30am.

Then he was up for the day at 7am.

Now God, I don't pretend to understand a lot of what you do, but I am asking, no I am begging, that you give us a better night of sleep tomorrow. Because he is a huge crank right now, and I am too. It's gonna be a long grumpy day I'm afraid. And this is becoming a vicious cycle.

He was such a good sleeper for awhile. Stretches of sleep for 6 hours, sometimes more. Can I please have that back?

I (and James) would be forever grateful.
Thanks for listening.

Here's the kiddos this morning. Does he look as tired as he should? I don't think so.
Gracie watching her beloved Chicken Run. She is so addicted to that movie. It (and the sleep-deprivation) are driving me to insanity!!


palantyri said...

halleluiah! preach it honey

The Mama said...

I think I will pray it more than preach it, petitioning God will probably do more than preaching to Ian. He really didn't seem to understand why I wouldn't want to play in the middle of the night!! I think I have to go straight to the source!