Friday, July 28, 2006

Highlights from the last few days, so much has gone on I'm sure I'll forget something!

Our vehicles were broken into again last night. Yes, apparently our small-town on the outskirts of the big city is just the place for stealing stuff. Our cars were also broken into about 6 weeks ago but nothing except a pocket knife was taken. This time it was much worse. They busted the door lock and handle the passenger door of my van, and totally destroyed the lock on the door of James truck. They actually got into the truck and destroyed the dash taking out the stereo/CD player. Luckily they did not get mine. We are really mad, the body damage and the repair of the locks, dash, and replacing the stereo will probably cost us about $1000. That's just a guess, but I think it's pretty accurate. I'm thinking about buying a German Shepard to live in the van. A really mean and hungry one.

We are officially done having children. James had a vasectomy this morning, that's when we discovered the vehicles had gotten broken into. He is recovering on the couch and is seems to be doing fine.

Ian has another tooth, his third. It is also on the bottom, the next one on his right. The top two teeth are bulging at the gums too, it won't be long before they pop out.

Maggie the dog ate all our leftover KFC the other night and then proceeded to crap all over her cage again while we were out. This dog has an extremely weak stomach. We need to be even more careful about what we leave on the counters because she doesn't even need to get on her hind legs to reach stuff, she is really tall!

Connor the cat found a new home!! He is happily living on a little ranchette to the east of Parker. He now has a job, his title is Killer of Mice and Ground squirrels. His "barn mates" will be arriving in a few days, a couple of horses. His new people were really nice and promise to keep giving us updates on his life in the country. I have no doubt he will be really happy!

Gracie is cute as ever. Here are some Gracieisms from the last few days:

Me- Gracie, how old are you. Gracie- I'm two years old. Me- And how old will you be next year? Gracie- Mama, I will be 26 years old!

Setting: Gracie and Ian on our bed. Ian is rolling around and Gracie is entertaining him. Then she gets down face to face with him, hugs his neck while pressing her forehead against his and repeats about 5 times, "Just you and me Ian, just you and me." It was so stinking sweet!

Her new words when she is mad- "Oh Almighty!!" "It's 'mpossible" "Oh Pickles"
Her new way of apologizing- "I'm sorry, I had to do that"
Her new way of trying to get out of stuff- "I can't, I just can't" (This usually screamed when she is asked or told to do pretty much anything at this point).
Her new way of showing affection- "I love you mama, very much!"

News from me. I am going to start working again!! I will be giving care to 2 little boys 3 days a week here at our house. They are Joe and Jack, age 3 and 18 months. I am really glad to be able to contribute to our income again and it is just the perfect amount of work and will be a great boost to our income. They won't start for a few weeks, they are living on the other end of town right now but moving to Parker in September. So, our house will be pretty busy 3 days a week, but I think it will be well worth it. I am really hoping Gracie and Joe can become fast friends and they will enjoy the time they spend together.

Well, that's all the news that's fit to print around here today. I know, I need to get some pictures up and I will tomorrow. I will try to take some later tonight.


Stepford On Wisteria said...

If I had all the time & money in the world, this is what I would pack today in a care package for you:

Big, mean, snarly Rottweilers to live inside your vehicles when they're parked outside. They would be magical Rottweilers that never needed to be fed, watered or walked and never suffocated in a hot car. Magical Attack Rottweilers. With Rabies. But they'd be good with kids.

A bag of frozen peas for James. He knows what to do with them.

Some happy frozen chewies for the babe. He will also know what to do with them.

A going away party for Connor.

A magical videocamera/voice recorder/digi cam that would instantly catch all those precious moments that happen so fast and are over in an instant.

A large bottle of Xanax, or as I call them, Mother's Little Helpers. Because girl, with 4 little ones running around there you are going to be needing some chill pills. You can take them yourself, or give them to the kids. Either slip them a mickey to calm them down, or take one yourself so you don't care so much that they're driving you crazy!!! :)

Unfortunately, I have none of these things except the peas and the Xanax. I'm not sure the peas would make the journey and you can have my Xanax when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands. :D

April Showers said...

Man, what an exciting post you had yesterday. I can't believe that happened to your cars. Bummer...have the police gotten involved? Do you have any insurance against any of that?
I love the new Gracie-isms. I wish I could see her everyday. Someday we need to invest in a jet plane that can fly us back and forth at the drop of a hat. Maybe with your new job we can start saving for that, right? :-)
I can't believe you're gonna have 2 more kids included into your existing much fun! Too bad I'm not closer. I'd come over and help you play with and wrangle the kiddos.
I hope that James recovers quickly from his procedure. Be sure to obey Doctor's orders though. We have a few kids here at the church that were conceived post-vasectomy. You never know for sure, right? ;-) you know if I can attach video to my blogs? I want to send out a little video with one if I can.
Tell Gracie that I said hi and give her and Ian both hugs and kisses for me. Have you had any formal pictures of either of them taken recently? I need an updated pic of Ian for my house.
Hope you guys have a good weekend. Thanks for the great posts! I love you sis-in-law. Talk to you soon!

Granny said...

Giggling about the frozen peas (see first comment). My sons's dad put in a miserable couple of days. Thought he was macho man and went right back to work in a factory. Bad idea.

Thanks for your comment on granny.

Did I add you to my blogroll?

Silly question. I'll go check. I meant to, really I did.