Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'd like to introduce you to our four legged family members. First off is Maggie. Maggie has only been with us for a month. She came to us by way of Craigslist. Her original family had abandoned her, they told their neighbor they were moving and they were going to leave her in the backyard for the police to come get and take to a shelter! Well, the neighbor said she would just find the dog a new home for them. She did find Maggie a home, but then her new family brought her back because they said she shed too much!! So, then she found us. Or we found her. I'm not really sure how that works, but anyway, she is a great dog. She is very kid friendly and loves us all very much. And she can chase her tail at an amazingly high rate of speed. She's really a very good girl.This is Connor (the orange guy) and Scout ( the black and white guy). They both came from petshops. Not very exciting really. Connor was the kitten hissing in the corner of the cage. James wanted him because he had orange hair. We had just gotten married and I didn't really care because we were just getting a cat to accompany my cat, Jasper, after the very quick and unexpected deaths of my dog Baylee and my cat James (Yes, I had a cat that had the same name as the man I married. Weird.) Anyway, we took him home, and he's always been kind of a trouble maker, but he has come around and can be a sweet lap cat. He also has a very cool cat trick, he is a fetch kitty!! If you throw any sort of crumpled up paper or a bow from a package he will chase it down and bring it back, again, and again, and again. Then Scout joined us when my cat Jasper suddenly passed away. (I had my own little menagerie before James married me. He understands my love for pets!!) Scout is a very sweet and tiny cat. He barely weighs 7 pounds. He is a cuddler. He doesn't have any special talents, but we love him anyway!
Well, now obviously this little guy only has two legs. But I expect that he will at least act like he has four legs pretty darn soon. He started lifting his chest way off the ground this week, and he didn't quite get on his knees, but it's only a short matter of time I fear!! He is really mastering the art of sitting up though which he really likes to do. (See that blanket he is sitting on? That was my "kiki" when I was a baby. I slept with that thing forever, and yet it is in very good shape. Pretty cool, huh?)
And here's Gracie. She is definitely not of the four legged variety. I took this picture to demonstrate what happens when you leave your produce out and turn your back to do something else. Gracie grabbed this mango off the kitchen table, and before I even noticed she had devoured about half of it. She had mango juice everywhere, on the carpet, down her belly, down her arms, and all over her face. Oh well, at least she likes healthy food, right?
Gracie has been cooking meatballs for the last couple of days. I gave her a package of bouncy balls and she immediately put them in her little wooden pot on her little wooden cooktop and declared she was making meatballs. She has insisted on us participating in the cooking as well, we must sit next to her and stir the pot while she reminds us the stove is "hot,hot,hot" Then she feeds them to us. She is a little cook in training I guess. But the weird thing is I never make meatballs. I have no idea where she came up with making them.


Sue said...

I saw the link to your site in Granny's post this AM. I've enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the pictures of your animals. I live in CA near the Napa Valley. I also love cats. There is a picture of mine in my latest post!
Stop in anytime, and welcome to the world of blogging...

The Mama said...

Thanks! This is getting to be so much fun!!

April Showers said...

Hey Guys,
I like your latest couple of blogs. Gracie and the mango is nice. These are nice stories for the scrapbooks! I was so impressed that first night when you said he was gone and you had this fancy blog with all these pictures! Super Mom! I love getting on and checking your blogs. It helps me to feel like I'm getting to be a part of your guys' regular everyday life! :-) Tell Ian and Gracie (and James) I said hey and that I love them! Hope you guys have a great Tuesday!