Friday, July 07, 2006

Just a few thoughts today.

No pictures, I've been going stark raving mad without my dear James. I don't know how I managed to get so many pictures the first day he was gone, but we are on day 3 now, and it has come down to survival. The kiddos are both sleeping now, amazingly the house is at peace. Gracie did not nap yesterday, so it was one stinking long day!

This morning I was cleaning up in my bedroom and Gracie was running around on our bed. She was being really goofy, and she started turning quick little circles on the bed. "I'm chasing my butt mommy!" she screamed. Maggie chases her tail, and Gracie thinks it's just hysterical. So I guess she's come up with her own way of chasing her tail. If her belly-busting giggles were any indication she thinks she's just as funny as the dog.

Little Ian is like a webble-wobble these days. He gets mad if you even think of lying him down anywhere, he just wants to sit up. But his balance isn't so great. I think the fact that we use cloth diapers makes it even harder because he has more bulk on his little butt. He has a bump in the middle of his forehead from making contact with different toys and the ground. He's getting better at catching himself though, so hopefully it won't be permanent!

Oh, I also wanted to mention that Gracie dressed herself the day I took those pictures in the previous post. It's a battle enough to get any clothes on her (she's a total nudist, I'm lucky if I can get her to even wear panties around the house), so when she puts on pants and a shirt all by herself there is no way I am going to try to change her. Just remember that whenever you are looking at pictures and think to yourself "Good heavens, doesn't Alice know anything about matching clothes?" Believe me, I know!


Granny said...

Hi. Just dropped over to tell you how much I enjoyed your BB comment about little Master Apricot.

I was laughing when I first read the post; after your comment I was hysterical.

Ann (aka granny)

Granny said...

Didn't realize you're a new blogger.

A belated welcome and an invitation to visit anytime.


The Mama said...

Thanks for the welcome. I am familiar with you from BB, and I think I took a look at your blog once!! I will add you to my favorites now, it's so nice to have new friends! I just finished reading about you and your girls, I think it is awesome that you have such a commitment to your family.

Take care,
Take care!

Granny said...

I enjoy meeting new people as well. Just read your comment. Those braids would be out of my hair in five minutes (if I ever got that far) but every once in a while a friend will do it for them.


Come back anytime and thanks.