Thursday, July 20, 2006

OK, update on the kitty. Scout did not tear a nail out as I thought. It seems he might have an infection though of some sort that is affecting his nail bed. He is on an antibiotics right now and we will see how it goes. But the doctor said that he suspects it is not an infection, but something along the lines of an auto-immune disease! Apparently one of the first things that happens when cats have lupus (yet, LUPUS!!) is their nail beds are attacked. He suspects that may be the issue, but we are trying the cheaper route first. Good stinking grief!! A funny (or scary depending on how you look at it) thing he asked me was if Scout had been recently vaccinated. Apparently they are familiar with vaccinations causing auto-immune disease in animals. (His exact words were "Sometimes we see auto-immune disorders as a result of vaccinations." He actually said result!!) Well, we don't vaccinate (let the flaming begin) in our family simply because of crap like that. It's not anecdotal, it really does happen. And I have no desire to have a child with a disorder like lupus, or worse. Scout did, however, receive vaccinations last year when he was fixed. I will now spend most of the night obsessing about how much more I disdain the machine that is Big Pharma (which is, of course, in bed with our government). OK, I must stop because I do not want this to become my soap box tonight.

That's all for tonight, I need to go to bed. Try to get some rest before the great tooth wars begin.

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