Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pictures from Gracie's last swimming class. She's had a lot of fun!!! It was a parent/child class and James took here every Saturday except for one where I had the priviledge of going. She sang songs and played with water toys and she even went down the waterslide with daddy. We plan to enroll her in this class at least one more time before she turns 3 and can take lessons on her own. She's going to be a fish!!

We're having a quiet evening after our busy day!! The dog has had a bath and we are all worn out. Tomorrow we are taking Gracie to the movies to see Cars. She earned going by filling up her potty chart with stickers! She has been pretty much potty trained since her birthday, but we decided to have a potty chart and the incentive of a movie after a week of lots of accidents. Amazingly it did the trick and she has been accident free the last few days!!

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