Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The theme of today was playtime at the park!!
We met up with out Wednesday morning playgroup at Cottonwood Park today, a lovely old shaded park with huge cottonwood trees. It's only a couple minute walk down the Cherry Creek Path from our house. I had Gracie bring her bucket and shovels because last time we were there all she did was sit and dig in this mud hole. I knew she would want to do that again and I wanted her to be prepared!! This first picture is the cool pipes next to the mud hole. She and her best friend Claire were making "birthday cakes" in the pipe. Gracie is in the middle, Claire on the outside. I have no idea who the other kids is!! The mud hole!! So very much fun!
Gracie and Claire on the tire swing. What is it about swings that kids love so much? Whenever we go to the park that is about all she wants to do. I have to practically force her to run and jump and climb and slide. I guess it's something to do with relaxing and having someone else do all the work!!
After nap Gracie decided to build with her legos, and this was her "sand castle".
The ever patient little brother!! This was on our trip to our little local neighborhood park after dinner.
She's just full of mischief!!
Gracie and a friend she made, Destiny. They were having a blast and Gracie got all worn out, which is the goal of going to the park after dinner. James is in Cleveland for 3 days, so I desperately needed someone to run her around! This little girl was just the trick!
And that is the end of our day!!!
Good night!!

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