Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Vaccination. This topic is on my mind because it was implied in a conversation I had this weekend that I am a little nuts for not vaccinating my kids. I understand people feel that way, and that's just fine. But I do want it known that this is not a fly-by-night decision that wasn't thought out and researched and worried over. I have literally done hours and hours (dare I say days) of research, and I continue to do research, at times almost daily.

I am also concerned because I fear for a "hot lot" that may be being dosed right now. I know this is not scientific, but I have heard of 7 separate cases in the last 2 weeks where a child died exactly two days after vaccination. These were all infants. That just seems like an absurd amount of babies dying. Anecdotal I know, but it is enough to make me wonder.

My reasoning for not vaccinating is actually quite simple, and the information I am putting here puts it in black and white as simple as possible. This is why I don't vaccinate. Because the possibility of harm from the vaccine is equal to or greater than the damage from the disease it's self. And I would much rather fight an illness that is known and documented and has known and documented cures than fight a vaccine reaction which can be very random, very damaging, very unexplainable, and worst very untreatable. If you take a look at the VAERS site and search the various vaccines you will see what I mean. The most minor reactions have basically the same symptoms as the diseases themselves, fever, rash, etc..... The bad reactions; far, far worse.

I am not afraid of illness. My kids have been sick every now and again and we have all survived. If you research the illnesses that are vaccinated against they are, in most cases, no worse than a fever, discomfort, runny nose, sore throat, and a rash of somesort. I say in most cases because I am not fool enough to think that some people won't get horribly sick from these things and occasionally people die. I am confident though, from the research that I have done, that if you live a healthy life style, drink clean water, eat organic and keep your immune system functioning as well as possible, you will come through these illnesses without problems. I know there was a time in our country where some of these diseases were much more prevalent. I credit clean water, much better sanitation, and improvements in living conditions with helping bring the rate these illness affect people to much lower levels.

I am afraid of adverse vaccine reactions. They occur at a higher rate than the illnesses themselves. They are often sudden and violent. They are severely underreported (the CDC estimates that only 10% of adverse reactions are actually reported as such, leaving a huge amount of medical issues labeled as "unknown cause").

I got this information from a cyber friend that compiled the following information from the CDC (Centers for Disease) website www.cdc.org . This is a compilation of diseases, deaths from those diseases, deaths from the vaccination given for those diseases (from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System which has been set up by our government to compensate people who are harmed by the administration of vaccinations www.vaers.hhs.gov
) in the year 2002, the most recent year available. I think this information helps put things in to perspective. You may not agree with me, and that's just fine. But you can't say I'm crazy. These numbers speak for themselves.

From Fyrestorm, a fellow MDC mom:
I did some looking around a few month back between disease mortality rates vs vax deaths (CDC mortality stats/vaers) the last mortality number available were for 2002 so I compared those to VAERS

reports for 2002. Here is what I came up with:

Disease Hep B
Deaths from Disease 5 (Under the age of 25)
Deaths From Vax 4
Adverse Events Reported * 4290

Disease Diphtheria
Deaths from Disease 2
Deaths From Vax DTP & DTaP Vax 50
Adverse Events Reported * DTP & DTaP Vax 801

Disease Tetanus
Deaths from Disease 0
Deaths From Vax DTP & DTaP Vax 50
Adverse Events Reported * DTP & DTaP Vax 801

Disease Pertussis
Deaths from Disease 54
Deaths From Vax DTP & DTaP Vax 50
Adverse Events Reported * DTP & DTaP Vax 801

Disease HIB
Deaths from Disease 9
Deaths From Vax 28
Adverse Events Reported * 1042

Disease Measles
Deaths from Disease 0
Deaths From Vax MMR 17
Adverse Events Reported * MMR 1900

Disease Mumps
Deaths from Disease 1 (age 75-84)
Deaths From Vax MMR 17
Adverse Events Reported * MMR 1900

Disease Rubella
Deaths from Disease 0
Deaths From Vax MMR 17
Adverse Events Reported * MMR 1900

Disease Pneumococcus
Deaths from Disease 99
Deaths From Vax 6
Adverse Events Reported * 342

Disease Vaericilla
Deaths from Disease 2
Deaths From Vax 6
Adverse Events Reported * 2674

*Since the CDC acknowledges that only 10% of reactions are reported, these numbers are
aprox. 90% higher than shown

There is more information to be had if you would like. Fyrestorm has a 3 page spreadsheet that includes this information as well as other important stuff, like vaccine ingredients and charts that show the decline of disease before vaccines were even introduced to the public. Interesting stuff!! If you want it just let me know and I can e-mail it to you.

And, if you've read this far and you still like me, thanks!!


Sue said...

Interesting info,
My Daughter in law who is a licensed physicians assistant in CA chooses not to vaccinate her children. (She has nursed them both until they were about 3)Both children have been amazingly illness free...
My daughter has two boys and vaccinated them for everything. She bottle fed both of them after three months and same story: Both almost completly illness free...
(sorry this was a bit long) :-)

The Mama said...

That's great to have such healthy grandkids. I imagine it's also partly due to some pretty good genetics!

Stepford On Wisteria said...

Alice - this is an incredibly timely post for us, as you know we're researching and deciding what we're going to do when baby arrives. Go ahead & email me the spreadsheet so we can go over that too.

I'm so torn. We want to be foster parents in the future, and I'm concerned that not vaxing will cast us in a negative light as potential foster parents in the future. Honestly - that's the only thing holding me back.

In IL, it's all or nothing, you can delay but you can't selectively eliminate certain vaccines. You can split MMR into 3 separate vaccines but you can't get only the R but not the M&M. Grrr...it would be so much easier if I could take a salad bar approach & decide individually on each inoculation but I can't.

It's making me slightly crazy!

And NO I don't think you're crazy and YES I still love you!!! :)

and Tim
and baby Jackson

The Mama said...

I will send it to you.

FWIW, there is a mom on MDC that was taking in foster children and was asking about vaccinating. I don't think there was an issue of the vaccination status of her children, they were unvaccinated. It was more an issue that the children she would care for would be vaccinated and she had lots of questions on how to deal with that. It's a valid point, because if a child has an adverse reaction in your care you could be liable if it is not recognized as a vaccine reaction. It was a very interesting thread, I learned a lot and it gave me much to think about because I am going to start doing in-home daycare for a little extra income. Luckily I have found a mom who also doesn't vaccinate and needs care for her daughter!!

And, I love your blog. I wanted to leave a comment yesterday but ran out of time. I will be there again soon though, you totally crack me up!!