Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well, here's what's been going on in the Burson household the last few days.

Ian is teething again. He is screaming in pain and waking up multiple (meaning too many to bother counting) times every night. James and I have been mind-numbingly tired. I don't know how James functions at work, I barely function here at home. He is fairly grumpy during the day too. I can see where the tooth is going to erupt, it's his top right. I'm sure the top left isn't far behind. Oh how I hate teething. Oh how I detest people who tell me their kids were great teethers!! Gracie was a horrid teether. And by luck of the draw, so is Ian.

I was the chiropractor today, I also saw him last week, and that was the first time in over a year. This is a new guy, and I really like him. Anyway, I have had nagging questions about my body and how it works and why on earth I ended up with c-sections when I have the hips of a horse and the child producing genetics that are the result of having Catholic (11 kids) grandparents. We got pregnant without even trying. I look like a woman that would breeze through birth. So why don't I? I knew that I had a tailbone injury from an x-ray that a chiropractor took when I was about 25, and I have always wondered if that was the problem. In fact it was one of the first things I mentioned to my midwives when I was newly pregnant with Gracie, and they acted like I was silly to mention it. Well, after having babies that don't descend at all and put me in the operating room I decided I wanted it looked at by someone who might take me seriously. And wouldn't you know it, my instincts were right. My chiropractor took one look at it and explained what has happened. The bottom of my tailbone was fractured a long time ago. I don't know when or how because I don't remember any injury taking place. Anyway, the bottom of my tailbone has since completely detached from my spine and is "floating" in my pelvis, save a few ligaments. He said that that issue, combined with how my spine is twisted (because my left leg is shorter than my right by 1/2 an inch) has most likely created a lot of issues with my soft tissues (ligaments and muscles) and made a passageway that is not favorable to say the least. He said that the only way to fix it is an adjustment that requires internal maneuvers (sounds like so much fun) or surgery. And the adjustment is actually only really affective on new injuries, which this is not, so it's really not an option. And he has never done one, so he would send me elsewhere for that anyway. He said that without surgery he can confidently predict I would need another c-section. Wow. I kind of feel relieved, and I am also kind of mad. I wish the doctor that first noticed this injury has recommended I have it fixed, it may have saved me two major surgeries. I wish my midwives had taken me more seriously when I told them I was concerned about that, it would have saved us the money we paid them for the homebirth that never happened. Oh, and additionally fun news, I have to wear a lift in my left shoe for the rest of my life, or order special made shoes with the lift built in. I never spend money on shoes, and now I am going to have to put out $50-$100 per pair!!! I need to open a savings account simply for shoes. The positive thing is that this guy seems really committed to helping me feel better and get better. He is by far the best chiropractor I have ever seen, he's not just focused on getting me in and cracked and out. He spends lots of time and talks and explains and tells me what I have to do in-between visits to help my own recovery. I plan to take the kids in to see him really soon.

Connor is still with us. Every person that has indicated interest has fallen through. He is living in our spare bathroom, and actually hasn't made a huge deal out of it. He did pee on the bed I put in there though, *sigh*. And as I type James is on his way home so I can take Scout to the vet. While I was out today he somehow hooked his front paw on something and has pretty much torn an entire nail out. It looks really gross and very painful. Ian and I are going to go to the vet while Gracie and James hang out.

So, that's what's up around here. Here's a couple of pictures, just so you don't forget what the kids look like!!

Ok, never mind, blogger won't let me download for some reason. I'll try to come back later, James is home so I'm off to the vet!!


Granny said...

What a busy life. Poor kitty.

How's your air quality? A friend sent me an article about Denver saying you were having problems.

Surprising. I think of Denver and clean air as part of the same sentence.

Granny said...

P. S. Thanks for comment. That's what I came over to say in the first place.

The Mama said...

We definiately have problems with the air here, the smog can be really gross somedays. I think it has to do with the fact that Denver is somewhat in a valley, and our air is thinner due to altitude, so on a still day the crud just accumuliates and sits over the city. You can always tell when it's bad because there's a grey haze on the rise around the city. Pretty gross!