Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Well, two cups of coffee, breakfast, lunch, a shower, and two napping children seem to be what I need to improve my mood. I feel much better than I did this morning. (But God, my request still stands, I could really use a good-nights sleep tonight). So, some stories and a couple pictures.
Yesterday Gracie and Ian were dancing around in the living room. Well, Gracie was dancing, Ian was being danced by me. Anyway, she wanted him to dance like she was, which of course he can't because he doesn't stand on his own yet, not to mention run, jump and twirl. She kept yelling instructions to him, and she was getting frustrated by his lack of cooperation. So, she stopped in front of him, got down on her knees to his eye level, put her hands on his cheeks and said "Sweetheart, you have to listen to me." I guess we must react pretty calmly to her when she doesn't listen to us, it's nice to know that when someone doesn't listen to her she doesn't haul off and smack them!!!
This morning once Ian had a nap and we were all a little more clear headed, we did some diapering of various things in the house. Gracie is infatuated with all things baby, and diapers are no exception. We use cloth diapers, so there is a little more to do than just grab one and put it on. She sees me wash them, sort them, and put them away. She has her special diapers for bedtime, otherwise they are all Ians. She picked his diaper out of the drawer after he woke up from his morning nap and it is one of my favorites:

Once Ian was diapered then Gracie decided that her little pretend ketchup bottle needed a diaper so I fashioned one for him from a cloth wipe and a diaper pin. (Yes, I use cloth wipes too. We all need to do our part for the environment you know!!)
Then Gracie decided that Mr. Ketchup's friend, Mr. Mustard also needed a diaper and his picture taken. She put a cookie cutter on him as his diaper:
And finally she decided that she too needed a diaper. So I put one of Ian's on her. It would barely close, but I managed to get it on. She then rolled around on the floor for awhile pretending to be a baby before declaring she had to poop and she needed the diaper off "right now" so she could go use her potty.
I am so glad she's potty trained!!

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Granny said...

They are so cute. I love to watch the imagination of a kid at work.