Saturday, July 15, 2006

We're just hanging around the house this weekend. Been doing a little home improvement here and there! We got a new couch last night, you can see it in the background of some of the pictures. We got it for free on Craigslist. Man, you gotta love that. It has a couple of rough spots, but generally it's in good shape, and it matches our other couch which makes us happy. I have been interviewing people to take Connor. I have had 3 interested people now. I am glad because it looks like we are going to be able to find him a situation where he will be indoor only as he is here so he will be safe and sound and happy. All the situations are either couple or a single person, no kids, no other pets. I think he will be very glad to go to a nice quiet place.
I bought some bricks to put out side to make a tiny sidewalk from our patio to the grass. The way the builders did things there is a small patch about 8 inches long that just has rocks and mulch. Now you can just step on the little bricks to go into the yard. It makes it much less of a tripping hazard. I actually may have to go buy a couple more bricks to make it a little wider, but it works nice as it is now.
So, here's some pictures from the last few days around here. This is Gracie and Ian playing and our new couch in the background:
Here's Mr. Serious himself:
This was Gracie the other day. I'm not sure what she was doing, but it sure looks silly!
Ian loves a good bath. It's so nice that he can sit in the little chair now. Makes bath time so much easier!
Maggie and Ian after a little jam session on the recorder.
Mom- I sure hope you are feeling better!! We love you!
April- Thanks for letting us know what's up with you. This blogging thing is such an easy way to keep in touch. I wish we could send Connor to you too. I'm sure he will be fine once he is away from all the noise and insanity around here. We love you too!
I hope everyone has a great finish to their weekend!

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Granny said...

Thanks for the comment today. My maiden name was made up by an ancestor impressed into the British Navy eons ago.

He jumped ship in Canada, changed his name slightly, and eventually made his way to the States. Or course he had a price on his head.

We don't know whether to call him the skeleton in our closet or our hero.

Now you know something new about me.

The pics are adorable.