Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A day at the museum.

You have no idea the pain I have gone through to load these pictures!! I would say no less than 10 tries. I guess it's good I have a determined spirit. Of course the keyboard is starting to fall apart from my continual bashing upon it, but oh well!!

Anyway, these are shots from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We went on Sunday which was a free day!! Gracie had a pretty good time I think, it's so fun to take her places now and see her understand and interact with what's going on around her.

Here she is with the dinosaurs!!
Here she is pointing out the "Very Sharp Teeth". She kept repeating that and pointing it out to anyone that would look at her. I guess she'll make a good tour guide someday!

Here's the boys! Aren't they so handsome?

Here's Gracie figuring out how to put a puzzle of a brain together. She didn't do so well, but hey, she's only 27 months old!

And here she is making music. They had a pretty neat computer set up that showed the noise on the screen. I forget what you call that! Anyway, she sat there banging away for awhile. She loves music.

Here are a few shots from outside the museum in the fountain. She managed to run headlong into the same kid twice, the second time we decided that it was time to go home. These are some of the pictures of the happy moments, before we had to leave.

In other news:

I have an interview next week with someone for childcare. For a boy that will be 3 in December. Just about 20 hours a week in the afternoons. Sounds great. I hope it works out. If it does I will start right after we return from our trip to Chicago.

I have a new goal. I am going to try to lose 40 pounds by New Years Eve. Having 2 babies in 2 years has put my body in very poor shape. This will hopefully be a good start!! Don't be afraid to ask me how I'm doing, I really need to do this!!

Gracie is as cute as ever. She is talking even more and more, it's really amazing. I did a little questioners thing and she has the verbal skills of a 4 year old according to it!! There is very little she doesn't understand or know how to talk about. She uses big words and huge sentences and pronouns and proper tense, it's pretty impressive!! Lately she has taken to calling Ian "buddy boy". She also is having issues with monsters, she mentions them a lot lately and this morning was actually quite descriptive about a certain monster that was in her room by her window and he scared her so she yelled at him to go away and then he apparently went outside and was standing by a tree in the yard. She said he was black. The way she was talking about him was kind of freaking me out!! I hope this stage doesn't last. She's also 100% potty trained during the day ( meaning virtually no accidents anymore) and she is mostly trained for night time as well. She is refusing to wear a pull-up to bed and today was the first time I had to change her bed in over a week. We put a little potty in her room at night in case she needs it so she doesn't have to try to get out of her room and to the bathroom. And she has decided to adopt my old "kiki" (security blanket) as her own!! I pulled it out a few weeks ago when we were going through our storage stuff and she now refers to it as "my mommy blanket" and she cannot go to sleep without it and she loves to wrap herself up in it during the day. It's really sweet, I loved that blanket and it is still in really good shape and so soft. I am glad it's getting use again.

Ian is growing and changing too. He has 7 teeth. He is now cruising the furniture when you set him up to it, and he is starting to pull himself up on it from the floor. He is working on crawling, but his main mode of transportation right now is butt scooting. He moves across the room on his rump. Very cute. His sleeping habits have really deteriorated lately, and I am hoping it's cause he's teething and at a new developmental stage. Once he can crawl and his teeth give him a break we will hopefully have at least one good night of sleep before something else starts up.

Well, it's time for me to go now. I need to go to bed!


Heather said...

Looks like you all had a great time at the museum's free day! Museums are such fun! It has been quite evident that Gracie can communicate and understand so much for her age. Isn't it amazing how verbal girls are from a young age! I don't think the boys have a chance to catch up with us! Mom

April Showers said...

I agree with Mom about the talking thing. I work with lots and kids, so I can definitely testify to the fact that Gracie is advanced for her age. Now if she could just get a job talking, you might make some extra money, right?! :-)
Looks like she had fun at the museum. I love the picture of her pointing to the dinosaur or whatever. I wish I was close-by so I could tag along on some of those outings!
When do you guys leave for Chicago? You're flying, right? Don't bring your hair gel or anything! Yikes!
Talk at you later! Thanks for the pictures!

Sue said...

What a fun family outing. You can see the delight on your children's faces!
Good luck on your weight loss journey..

Granny said...

Those kids were sure having a wonderful time.

Good luck on your weight loss. I keep thinking about it but that's as far as I get.