Thursday, August 10, 2006

A few thoughts today.

First off, thank you to everyone who made a point to take a break from their busy lives and celebrate James birthday with us last Saturday. We really had a great time. It was so fun planning a surprise for him and I am so glad we pulled it off! Thanks to James parents for hosting the party at their house and thanks to Andy for helping with the plans. It was really nice to see everyone, it has been so hard to maintain friendships with such a huge distance and now kids. It was really nice to have a get-together with you all. Thanks also to Emily (James cousin) and her family for joining us. They got the award for attendees that traveled the farthest, they live in Las Vegas!! It just so happened they were in Colorado (in the Springs) for Matt to do some training, so they were able to come on up! It was really nice to see them and their boys! It was fun to meet Jacob, Joe and Jen's little guy. He was born in March, but we hadn't met him yet. He's quite a cutie!

We have been dealing with a little illness around here this week. Runny noses and sore throats, nothing huge but no fun. I am actually sick this time which is unusual, it seems like I can manage to not catch things most of the time, but this time I have it pretty bad

Also, we have added to the family once again. We picked up a new kitten (free of course, on Craigslist) on Tuesday. His name is Horace, in honor of my cat Jasper that passed away a little over a year ago. (You know, Horace and Jasper, the bad guys on 101 Dalmations!) Anyway, he is very sweet, purrs all the time, and doesn't mind a bit at Gracie's attempts to haul him all over the house! Scout really needed a kitty buddy, he has been missing Connor. It is working out, the animals all seem to be good friends already and we humans like him a lot! Here's some pictures taken since he joined us.

He's pretty cute, isn't he??

They've started construction on the buildings across the street from us, finally digging the foundation today. I am so ready for this noise to be over. The neighborhood is still probably a year or more away from completion, but I just want the area around our house finished. It is so loud and interrupts naptime. They have finished every side except directly outside our front door. It will be so nice to have peace and quiet around here!

Well, James just got home, he came home early so I can try to get a nap in and hopefully start feeling better. If only my throat would stop hurting I would feel a lot better.


April Showers said...

I'm getting sick also. I think there's a little bug going around out here...maybe it's in Parker too!
I love the kitten...he's so cute! You really do just love to have multiple animals, don't you? Someday I'll have a cat and dog. But not for a while.
So James really was surprised, huh? That's cool. I'm glad things went well.
Hope you get to feeling better quickly. Love you guys!

Sue said...

Horace is a cutie. Love those eyes. I have a picture up of our Vincent on my latest post. He's such a rascal!!!

Stepford On Wisteria said...

Horace is a cutie pie!!! Congrats on the new addition to your family. I'm so glad everything worked out with Connor's new home and he can be a happy cat all day now.

Get some rest, drink plenty of fluids and take care of yourself. I hope you're feeling well again soon!

Granny said...

Horace is a cutie and of course the baby is as well.

Thanks for your comment tonight. Kids all down a little after nine. Amazing!!

First day confusing but not bad. Tomorrow will be smoother.