Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Home Owner Anniversary to Us!!

One year ago today we signed about a million papers which, in the end, gave us ownership of 1300 square feet of airspace.

Well, that and a mail key.

We bought our condo one year ago today. Did you know that when you buy a condo you technically purchase airspace? It's written right in the papers. It's kind of weird.

We love this little place. We had no intention of buying a home a year ago. We didn't think there was any way possible we could. We were in a very bad rental situation with a horrible landlord and even more horrible neighbors. It was pretty much a nightmare. We decided to move even though we had only been there 3 months. We looked high and low for an apartment and we even put a deposit down on one. On a total whim on our way home after paying the deposit we decided to stop in to a builders office. I don't remember why, except that we thought, "What the heck, we don't have anything to lose."

The sales guy was awesome, and said that he could and would get us financing. We said "yeah, right!" This was a Friday. On Monday he called and told us he had spoken to a lender about us and that the guy promised to get us financing. That Friday we put down ernest money. Three weeks after that we closed on a brand new 2-story home we could truly call our own!!

Most of our families and some of our friends haven't seen our place yet, mostly because we don't live convenient to any of them anymore. So, I decided to do a little online open house. Keep in mind that you are seeing our house as is, which means I didn't clean for guests!!

This is our house from the front. I had to take this picture tonight because I forgot to take it today while I was taking all the other pictures! One of the things I like best about our house is our front porch. We have it set up as a second living room of sorts and when the weather is nice it's a great place to sit!

When you enter the house you walk into our living room, seen here. This shot is actually from the landing of the stairway, the front door is down to the left. This is the one room we have left to paint. We can't decide on a color and if we are going to keep our furniture so we have just let it sit. That's why there's not much on the walls!!

This is the powder room which is directly to the right when you come in the front door. There is also a closet on the wall on left that you can't see.

This is the view if you walk through the living room to the kitchen.

This is the kitchen. We have a really big pantry that is to the left.

This is the kitchen from the other side!

And this is out the kitchen to our back patio! Our grill is on the patio to the left. The large barrel of flowers in front, kind of hidden by the bush, was my mothers day present. It is the only gardening I've done in 3 years, and it is beautiful!!

Here's Gracie, she was helping James install a motion detector on our back porch light. She's quite handy!

OK, now back through the living room and up the stairs!!

At the top of the stairs go right and you end up in the master bedroom!! You can see the changing table to the left, and beyond that is our walk-in closet, and on the other side of the closet is a bookshelf. Straight ahead you see our bed and Ian's bed (and Maggie's pillow on the floor), we have a king bed and he sleeps in the twin next to it for most of the night. The quilt on our bed was made by my aunt Judy when we got married. It is beautiful and we painted our room to match it! To the right you see Ian's dresser, our TV, and next to that is the master bathroom.

This picture came out pretty dark, sorry! This is our office. You can see our built in desk and shelves on the right and Maggie's cage on the left. There is also a closet on the left.

This is Gracie's room. Her room is painted a muted blue and pink combination. It came out so nice. I like to call it Colorado Sunrise! I'd really like to get a bunk bed with a full-size bed on bottom and a twin on top so that we can use it when we have guests. We did have space in the office for guests before we got the dog, but now, not so much!!

And this is the kids bathroom. I love this room, it is so bright and happy and cute!! To the left of the bathroom door is our laundry closet.

So, that's our happy little home. I'm so glad you came for a visit. We'd love to have you in person if you ever make it our way!


Heather said...

Congrats on the one year anniversary of home ownership! There is always something to do with a home, isn't that right? I'm sure you both are enjoying your own space. "Be it ever so humble there is no place like home", whoever coined that phrase had it right!

Granny said...

Congratulations. I'll come back for the pics later.

Granny said...

Love the pics. It looks homey as it should.

Thanks for your comment about the baby.

Sue said...

Owning your first home is such a milestone! You should be very proud...
Thanks for the "tour". I loved the cheerful kids bath!

Jeni said...

Looks nice Alice! I can't believe it's been a year already! Time flies! I love all the painting you've done too. I love paint!