Friday, August 04, 2006

Yipee, it worked, I have pictures!!!!!
It's been a busy few days, I have intended to get stuff up on here but blogger and my pictures wouldn't cooperate and I was getting frustrated!!
Anyway, here's some pics from the last week.
Notice the curls that are popping out on this girl!! I'm so happy! And here she is in all her glory as a beautiful princess with a blanket cape! Nice!
Here's my little big guy. If you enlarge the picture you can see his bottom teeth now, it makes him look so old!! He has 5 teeth now and a 6th about to burst. He just turned 7 months old on Monday. He has been in a much better mood the last couple of days and we have been getting sleep at night again, hurray!!!
Gracie and these goofy rain boots. They were given to me to sell on eBay with a bunch of stuff to benefit our La Leche League group. I haven't gotten them listed yet and she loves to clomp around in them.
Another shot of my most beautiful boy!!
In other news, my perfectly awesome daycare situation fell through. The family was moving here near us, but the contract on the house fell through so they don't know where they will be moving now, so they couldn't commit to me for the job. Such a huge bummer!!! I am now trying to decide if I should look for another situation or not. It seems like every time I try to find work it falls through and I am trying to decide if I just find bad situations or if it is a sign from above that I should just focus on my kids and not worry about extra income. It's hard to know sometimes!
I got an update on Connor and he is doing awesome. The guy that took him said he and their two dogs pal around all day and act like they have been together since birth!! He said Connor also loves to hang with him while he is working in the barn and has conversations with him. Pretty darn cute. He is going to try to send me a picture and if he does I will post it. I am just so glad he is happy, because he sure wasn't here.
We purchased an alarm for the van, James has yet to install it, but I have been taking the face plate from my stereo in every night now. It's also been cool enough to have the windows open at night, so we can hear what goes on outside a little better. He has been having a lot of trouble finding a lock for his door though, he may go to a junk yard this weekend and see if he can find one. Otherwise repairing the lock on his door is going to be about $250. And that doesn't include bodywork which may need to be done in order for the lock to fit properly. We found out our insurance won't cover a thing because we only have liability and homeowners doesn't cover car stuff (which makes sense I guess), so it is all out of pocket at this point. I think we are going to just leave my van door handle alone, it looks horrible, but the door still locks so it's probably not worth putting the money into it right now.
We are going up to see James parents tomorrow to celebrate his birthday (he will be 30 on Monday!!) and then up to Estes Park on Sunday to visit my cousin and his family that are out here on vacation from Chicago. It should be a really nice weekend! Hopefully I'll have lots of pictures to put up on Monday!


Granny said...

Happy Birthday to James and the kids are adorable.

Thanks for the comment. I'm saving pennies for the 3 in 1.

Convince your hubbie that 2 cats are easier than one. They usually entertain each other.

Sue said...

Hope your hubby has a wonderful birthday celebration! Your children are adorable...