Saturday, September 30, 2006


We were at Claire's birthday party today.  Here are some of the girls dressed in princess outfits.  Gracie is in white on the right.
Ian and Halem.  They are destined to be best buddies for life.  They are only 10 days apart and had the same due date! 
My friend Iris with her boys Atreyu and Halem.  Gracie and Atreyu are going to get married, we have already decided to arrange things for them.  We figure it will just be easier that way.
Miss Gracie the princess, waiting for her piece of birthday cake.
Gracie and her new guitar.  She is gonna learn how to play with Momma.  We plan to be famous someday, like the Judds!
Ian the cherrio monster!
Just playing around!



So.... I burned the baby

Yep, you read that right.  I burned Ian.  And I feel like a total crap mother about it.
This morning I took his diaper off and was letting him crawl around nakie bottom.  Well, he decided to poop with his diaper off and then crawl around in it before we saw the mess.  Nice.  So, I decided to throw him in the sink to rinse him off.  I started the water and then set him in and I was washing him quickly and I reached to shut off the water.  I didn't think.  It was totally stupid.  I shut off the cold water first.  It was only a matter of a split second, but his little leg was directly under the stream and he got burned.  He shrieked the most horrible and loud shriek I have ever heard.  I grabbed him out and shut off the water in the same move, but it was too late.  His little leg looked like he had a really bad sunburn.   We immediately put a cold compress on it but we couldn't calm him.  After half an hour I had to give him some Motrin and he finally settled enough to nurse.  We put some aloe vera stuff on it and he seemed much better.
We had to go to a birthday party for Gracie's friend Claire and he was fine the whole time.  Then we got home and when I changed his diaper I found that he has 3 blisters on the burn!  Poor guy.  We called the doctor to see if we should do anything and he said no, just leave it to air out and don't burst the blisters.  It honestly doesn't seem to be bothering him that much, but I feel absolutely horrible about it. 
So apparently this was our week for tragedy.  And in my experience bad things happen in threes.  So make sure you check back in a couple days because I may have another story for you.   I really hope not though.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Did you know that.....

is a cowgirl......
and a cheerleader????
I just thought you should know.

Thursday Thoughts

Ian is teething again, which means nights are like a slow and hideous death.  He sleeps so poorly when he is teething.  I am exhausted.  I am grumpy.  I just want to go back to bed.  Of course James had to go in to work early this morning, so I couldn't even benefit from a little extra rest while he was getting ready for work.  He snored his way through most of Ian's waking's last night though.  I sure wish I could.
Ian is also crawling, and has been pretty well since we got back from Chicago.  He is getting better every day and now follows me around when he wants something.   It's pretty cute!  Gracie didn't crawl this early, and she didn't crawl very long.  It will be interesting to see how long this stage lasts for him.  He is working on standing without holding on to anything, he is incredibly brave to do so because most of the time his legs crumble under him.  But he tries again and again.  Another determined spirit in the family.  Should make toddlerhood interesting.
I've added a couple blogs to my blogroll. 
Message in a bottle, a blog I just discovered through Sue.  Horizon lives in Scotland, a place I hope to visit someday.  She has a beautiful family and beautiful flowers.  I'm looking forward to reading more!
All about my life is a blog written by yet another high school friend, Lisa.  She lives in Florida with her hubby and adorable little boy Bobby.  I am enjoying keeping up with my friends from high school so much! 
Today is gonna be a long day.  James has to "work" late tonight and have dinner with the guys he manages who are in town for training.  I'm terribly excited to know I have the kids all to myself from waking til bedtime tonight.  I am so ordering Chinese for dinner! 
Oh, I almost forgot.  If you can you should check out Things that make me go Hmmmmmmmm throughout the day.  Felicia has actually been updating her blog while in labor!  She's so dedicated!  I can't wait to hear of Jacksons arrival and see pictures.  He's gonna be one cute baby!!
Have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When tragedy (almost) strikes

Yesterday I was catching up on laundry, which is a pretty normal thing for me on a Monday.  I had done a bunch and put away Ian's clothes in my room, as well as remove clothes that are too small.  I moved into Gracie's room to do the same.  She was playing around behind me, wearing her leopard costume from last Halloween and Ian was crawling around on the floor.  I think I had three drawers open on her dresser.  In one moment I heard things sliding.  I was whacked in the back by a drawer and didn't know where Ian was.  The dresser was completely fallen over and the three top drawers had flown out and were on the floor.  Like Hercules I hoisted the dresser up and was about to toss drawers when I realized Ian was behind me, he had been playing at the book shelf and was now crying because the noise had scared him so much.  Gracie was over on the other side, against her closet door crying.  I grabbed up the drawers making sure her leg wasn't caught and then checked her over.  She had two big scrapes, one on either side of her hips, but otherwise looked fine.  I then plopped her over on the floor next to Ian, put them both on my lap, and hugged them, repeating over and over  "Ok, we're all ok."  Then I talked to Gracie about the importance of not climbing her dresser.  She looked at me solemnly and said "No climb the dresser never ever."  Then she apologized to the dresser and gave it a kiss, which I thought was pretty funny since it almost killed her! 
The whole situation scared me so much.  It was horrible.  I am very thankful though, I am very good in bad situations.  I think clearly and move accurately and I can assess what needs to be done in what order in a matter of milliseconds.   I should probably be an EMT or something like that.  Once when I was a camp counselor and we were using the boat to give tube rides the driver came too close to the dock and the tube swung over and the rider went face first into the wooden end planks.  Everyone totally froze.  I jumped in the water and pulled the girl out and attended to the blood and the gore while everyone else came to life and ran for help.  It wasn't until she was safely in an ambulance that I even realized what had happened.  It just came as instinct to me. 
But the emotions of rescuing your own kid from a near disaster, whew!  Once we were all sitting down I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.  And all the "what if's" ran through my head.  We could have very easily ended up in the ER with either one of them having received a horrible blow to the head, or a broken limb.  Instead we were all just a little shaken and I had time to sit and thank God for my two babies and ask that something like that never happen again.
Yes, we are securing the dresser to the wall now.  I'm not really big on all the millions of baby proofing products out there, but I don't want this to happen again.  Not never ever.

Monday, September 25, 2006


If you have pets or kids, or pets and kids, or you had pets when you were a kid, you have to read this story Granny put up today.  So stinking funny!!
Too Good to Keep to Myself
Thanks Granny, started my day off with a good laugh!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Snuggie Jammies

I just had to post this picture tonight.  Aren't they so cute in their nice warm snuggie jammies?  I can't believe the nights are so chilly now.  James and I love to sleep in the cold air, so the kids have to be dressed extra warm.  I just love footie jammies and little kids.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pictures- Trip to Chicago and more!

Ok, so this is a lot of pictures.  I mean a lot.  Enjoy!

This is my dad's yard, in particular the pond.  It's lovely!


Gracie and my cousin Chris's son Quincy.


Myself and my friend Felicia, due with her baby Jackson any day now!

My cousin Chris, myself, and my cousin Angela, with Quincy and my dads neighbor Stephanie.

Gracie, and Chris's kids Quincy and Sela.

My Grandpa and his wife Peggy with James, myself, and Gracie.

My dad, grandpa, my aunt Judy  and myself.

The next few were all taken at the park down the street from my dads house.



These were taken at Twin Lakes.

Gracie wanted to help dad mow the lawn.  She was really excited to ride with him, until she got on his lap.  Then she was a little scared.  I snapped this picture and she got right down. 

My step-mom Helen and Ian playing around.


Three Burson men, James, his grandpa and Ian.

Grandpa Burson and his "lady friend" Jean with the kids.

James aunt Cheryl and uncle Hank and the kids.


Playing at midway airport.

My very very hot man in his very very hot cowboy hat.  Oh yeah!

Now this picture is truly priceless!  The night we got home from the airport Gracie was so excited to see all her toys.  She immediately stripped once she got in the door and had to go potty, but she wanted to play, so she ran to the bathroom, grabbed her potty, and sat it down in front of a bunch of her toys.  It was really funny and really cute.  What a silly girl!

This is a photo of Gracie the first time she truly dressed herself from head to toe complete with shoes.  Her pants were inside-out and backwards and her socks were also inside-out, but we went out and ran errands with pride anyway!

Gracie and Dominik.

Well now I have you all caught up on our recent photos.  Phewwww!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Well, this week has been a busy one for sure!!

Monday we had a LLL meeting and lots of running around to do getting the house back in order. We also had to deal with our neighbors, unfortunately it seems our housesitter did a crap job and left Maggie on numerous nights to bark her head off into the wee hours of the morning. Nice. The only thing I made extremely clear was that she had to be here in the evenings and at night. Instead she apparently went out to dinner, back to work, and out clubbing until midnight or later. Thank goodness our neighbors knew we were out of town so they aren't mad at us, but still, I feel like we wasted good money. And now we know to never ever leave town without giving a neighbor our phone number so they can get ahold of us. If someone had called the first night it wouldn't have happened again, I can guarantee that!

Tuesday was full of running as well, we had playgroup, and the kids were still playing catch up on sleep from our trip (meaning one or the other was sleeping pretty much all day!) Then I had to take the kids to James office to meet my friend Iris and we were off to see John Mayer and Sheryl Crow. It was such an awesome concert. 14th row baby, we could see them sweating! They are both such great performers. I really like both their music, but I was especially impressed with John Mayer. He is just so cute (like my little brother type cute), I swear I could have just picked him up and put him in my pocket. And can that boy play the guitar!! They we just jamming, seriously awesome music! His band was fantastic too. It was just a great night! And James and the kids did fine, Ian struggled a little, but not too bad, and Gracie was of course great.

Wednesday I had to hit the grocery store, we were still out of food from being on our trip! Yesterday we went to story time at the library and then home for the rest of the morning. Then today we had music class at 9, and now we're home for the day. It's been a little strange having to do so much running around in the mornings because I have to be home by 1pm to watch Dominik. My afternoons are pretty much shot once he gets here, I have no intention of taking the 3 of them anywhere except the park, they can get just crazy! Gracie and Dominik are in love. On Wednesday he told Gracie he was her boyfriend, and yesterday while putting puzzles together he leaned over to her and said "I love you Gracie." And she smiled and said "I love you too!" They are like moony eyed teenagers! It's really pretty funny. Hopefully this will keep up, it's a lot easier to maintain two toddlers in love than two toddlers that fight!

I plan to add a bunch of pictures from our trip later, but the laptop pretty much crashed and James had to reformat it. So I am missing my other posting program, which I like much better and accepts pictures a lot easier and faster than blogger.

I hope everyone is well. We've gotten a few postcards from Scotland where grandma and grandpa Burson are traveling. They get home this weekend I think. I can't wait to hear about everything they did and see their pictures! I haven't heard from April in awhile, where are you??

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

If I had a title bar I would title this post "A rant on Airport Security and Other Thoughts Regarding Flying"

I didn't use to hate flying. I use to like it. The ability to go from home to somewhere exotic in just a few hours was so alluring. I admit I had my moments of fear especially when things would be bumpy, but all in all it wasn't that bad.

Then I became a mother. What is it about becoming a parent and realizing that you are mortal? I always knew I was human and that being so I would die someday, but it never seemed real or bothered me all that much. And why has flying become the end all to the fear of dying? I really don't know. Actually I guess it's not the fear of dying, it's more the fear of seeing my children afraid or in pain and knowing there isn't a thing I can do about it. That terrifies me. I am a self acknowledged control freak. I absolutely realize that I stand more chance on every day of the week of meeting my end while driving in my car. But in that situation I would know that ever single thing that would be possible to avoid tragedy would have been done. Because I would be in control. But on a plane, well, you just have to hope that the captain isn't tired, isn't drunk, and doesn't have ADD.

We flew yesterday. And I think I muttered the words "I hate this stupid security stuff" about a million times. It's really a joke. I believe that with my whole heart. I believe it is nothing but a show, and I believe that it is only a matter of time before another tragedy strikes and the stupid people who check your tickets and look in your luggage won't have made any difference except to piss us off and make people miss their flights. Because evil will always exist, and for some reason evil likes to use airplanes. I have to rant on the TSA people for just a minute as well. I seriously doubt the education of any of these people, and that is the reason I think the whole security thing is a sham. Take this experience for instance. When we were leaving Denver we had to hand our tickets and ID to the woman checking them. She takes my ticket and James ID, holds them against each other, acts like she is reading them and comparing names. She then takes James ticket and my ID (which she holds upside down), and repeats the act. Then she checks them both off and sends us on our way. There is no way she was reading them. No. Stinking. Way. I was standing a mere inches from her. She was totally faking it. If the people who are checking stuff can't even read English what makes anyone think they know how to read scanners or x-rays or anything with much efficiency? Seriously. So anyway, back to Chicago. We went through the whole thing again, with them even making Gracie take her shoes off, and I felt just so violated and so intruded upon during the whole thing. It makes no sense. A two year old has to take her shoes off? This whole "we can't profile because that would be prejudice" thing has gotten so out of hand. We can't profile those that look dangerous, so instead we'll just inconvenience everyone and make babies take their shoes off. (Of course that is nothing compared to the wanding that Juniper received at security when she was, I believe, only 3 months old. Go to Sweet Juniper and read the post. It is truly unbelievable.) And the thing that really gets me is the people who say "Well, whatever it takes to keep us all safe." Do you really believe that? Honestly? That taking your shoes off is going to stop those who really want to harm us? And all of this liquid stuff now, truly crazy. We went through with two sippy cups and they didn't even ask about them, didn't make us take a sip or anything. And we purchased a bottle of orange juice on the concourse that we put in the diaper bag and took on the plane. No one asked, no one looked. It's just nonsense, plain and simple. Anyway, I will stop now. Suffice it to say that I think the whole thing is a crock.

So, we get to our plane and we board and then we sit and wait. And wait. And wait. And finally someone gets on the PA and says "We have a problem with this plane, one of the tire pressure gauges is broken, and because of that we have to abide by a weight limit, and we are over limit so we need 4 people to get off the plane. We will guarantee you seats on the next flight this afternoon, give you meal vouchers, and give you $200 towards another plane ticket with no restrictions." And not a soul moves. No one offers to get off. They made the announcement like 3 times, and then threatened to boot off the last 4 people that checked in. Finally a couple said they would go. And I am sitting there thinking we should get off. I mean, it's free plane tickets for another trip. It's the chance to go through security again for another trip, what fun!! And who wants to ride on the broken plane anyway. So I mention it to James, and he looks at me like I'm nuts. And I'm like "but it's free plane tickets!!" So we wait and wait and wait some more and no one offers. By this point the plane is probably 30 minutes past departure. So I ring the stewardess and say we'll get off if they will cover all 3 of our tickets (Ian was a lap baby). And she looks at me like I'm nuts! And then she says to me "but you have children." And I wanted to say to her "Really, are you kidding me? Where are they, I don't see them. I have children? Wow!" But instead I say "yeah, that's fine." So she went to ask whoever was in charge if they would do it for 3 tickets and they said yes, and so we got off. We ended up spending 5 hours on Concourse A of Midway Airport. It was actually not too bad. We rode the moving sidewalks. A lot. Gracie thought they were just dandy until as she was stepping onto one a nice elderly gentleman decided to talk to her and she looked at him and forgot what she was doing and stepped down and it grabbed her foot and she went flying backwards and hit her head hard on the metal railing. Then she didn't like them anymore.

We survived the flight just fine, we ate Fritos the airline so graciously supplied and the kids napped. I told Gracie that the plane was driven by a pilot and she got these huge eyes and said "A Pirate???" I laughed and tried to explain the difference. She's had a pirate obsession lately (thank you captain feathersword), but I think she finally understood. It was a little bumpy coming into Denver and Gracie started yelling "Wheeeee, I see the clouds, I see the ground. We're going down, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." I decided against trying to explain that saying "we're going down" isn't such a great thing to yell on a plane. I'll get to that when she's a bit older!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Hello Everyone!

Just have a chance to check in really quickly!

We've been having a great time here in Chicago. It rained til Wednesday, but we still managed to have a barbecue on Sunday with lots of family and friends, and we got in some fun shopping at places we don't have in Denver like Ikea, Trader Joes, and Farm and Fleet! Great stuff I tell ya! We had plans to go to the city yesterday, but unfortunately things didn't work out, the cable company was here trying to hook up the internet and it took them quite a while of crawling around in the attic before they fixed the problem. Well, that's fine, because now we can happily welcome my dad and Helen into the world of home computer ownership. It will be so nice to be able to send pictures and stuff to them so easily. They got a great picture printer too, so now they will have all the pictures they could ever want of the kids and more. The kids have done really well, adjusting to sleeping in a strange place with strange noises and a weird schedule. We have really enjoyed the little pond with all the fish and frogs in the yard. Gracie loves having a big place to run and play, makes me really want a house with a yard for ourselves. Yesterday since we couldn't make it downtown we ended up at Twin Lakes, an area I haven't been to in years, like probably since high school! It was so weird to take the kids to a place I remember going to as a child. We were going to take a paddle boat ride, but they weren't renting them out during the week, so we just walked around and played at the park instead. We also drove through my old neighborhood and I showed Gracie my old house and school. She was so cute, and seemed impressed about what I did when I was little like her. Then she told us that she also went to those places when she was a little boy!! Ahhhh, the imagination is a wonderful thing! Silly kid!

I'm excited to get home too. I get to start learning guitar, and continue my babysitting job, and we start music class again next Friday. It will be so fun!

I was able to catch up on my blog reading last night and I am glad to see everyone seems to be doing well also. I'll add pictures and catch up some more this weekend.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Uganda: 4000 Die Daily Due to Lack of Breastfeeding

This is why I refuse to support formula companies and boycott Nestle. This is why my children will be breastfed until they choose to wean. Preying on the uneducated in a third world country, leading mothers to think that formula is the equivalent of human milk, making it too expensive for those families to purchase after giving them free samples which the mothers use and their milk dries up. Filthy water that you shouldn't use to make formula with anyway. Horrible ethics and horrible business practices. This makes me so angry. I can't imagine watching your child die. The fact that is caused by huge financially motivated American companies makes my blood boil.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Well, actually yesterday was my birthday, but I was so busy celebrating I didn't get to post!!

I had a very good day thanks to my sweet husband and good friends!

James made me a yummy breakfast of pancakes before he left for work.  We went out for lunch with 3 of my friends and their kids which was really nice and fun.  It was also the first day I was watching Dominik, so we had to be home by 1.  A little after he arrived James came home and told me he had taken the rest of the day off!  He brought home a yummy ice cream cake from Cold Stone.  Then after Dominik left James went and picked up dinner for us from a local BBQ place and we ate a delicious dinner here at home.  Then a quick trip to the park to wear out Gracie, and home to eat the cake!!  It was a very nice day!

I got a purple guitar (ordered and being delivered) so I can teach myself how to play and a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure from James and a bracelet from the kids that has also not arrived yet, but may be here today!  And.... I also got tickets to go see John Mayer and Sheryl Crow at Red Rocks!!!  I'm going with my friend Iris, it will be my first girls night out since Gracie was born, almost 2 and a half years!  Believe me it is well deserved!  I am a little concerned about Ian because he still nurses for  95% of his nutrition, but he is taking a cup fairly well, so I will pump milk for him and hopefully he will survive and I will be able to enjoy myself without worrying too much! 

Today I am doing laundry and starting to pack.  Tomorrow I will finish packing and clean the house.  Then Friday we are off to Chicago.  I don't know how much if at all I will be able to update, we are not bringing a laptop and we will be helping my dad and Helen set up the computer we gave them for Christmas, but I don't know when it will be functional.  I will have a lot of blog catching up to do when we get back in town. 

Talk to ya later!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The kids are sick so we sit indoors. (AKA- Happy Labor Day Weekend!)

So, Gracie and Ian both have colds.  Yuck!  Luckily this is the first Ian has been sick since a very minor cold when he was about a month old.  The benefits of breastfeeding!!  Anyway, we are lying about trying to get better, taking huge doses of Vitamin C, and various other homeopathics and herbs in order to get better by next Friday.  We have to get on a plane at 0 dark hundred on Friday morning.  I do not want them to be stuffy, Gracie always has problems with pressure in her ears when we fly as it is, I really don't need the added issue of booger pressure!  I am so glad it's a long weekend though, they have both been sleeping like crap, and James and I have been exhausted.  I will never understand why children sleep so poorly when they are sick.  They need sleep more than ever and they get less than normal.  It's a very frustrating cycle. 

Anyway, here are a couple pictures from yesterday.  The kids were having a dance fest in the living room.


This last picture is actually from last weekend, but I thought I'd throw it in!!

I hope everyone out there is healthy and happy.  Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Just an update!

I'm still here.  It's been a busy week I guess.

I did end up getting the job caring for the little boy.  He's almost 3 and seems like a really nice little guy.  He and Gracie hit it off immediately and were playing really nicely together.  I hope that is the norm!  He will only be with us from 1-4 in the afternoons, and he still naps a couple times a week, so actually it seems like it will be a fairly easy job.  A little extra work, a little extra cash.  I'm satisfied.

Ian is becoming an angry little fella lately.  I remember when Gracie was at this stage.  He wants to crawl and walk so badly.  He is trying so hard and getting so frustrated.  When you hold him he wants to be down, when he's down he wants up.  He wants to stand when he is sitting and sit when he is standing.  He wants his hands to work and grab things properly.  His brain knows what it wants but it's so hard getting those darn muscles to cooperate!!  I can't wait til it all kicks in, he will be so stinking happy once he is mobile.  He is sleeping a little better right now though, which is nice. 

Of course Gracie will not be happy when Ian is mobile!  She is already getting really frustrated with his abilities to take her things.  She tries to be a sweet sister, but toddler emotions get in the way a lot of the time!  It's hard being 2!  She's really excited about our upcoming trip, she talks about Chicago to anyone that will listen and is really looking forward to the plane ride.  I hope it meets her expectations.  She will be spending time with her Grandma and Grandpa there, as well as her Great-Grandpa Burson, her Great Grandma and Grandpa DuBonn and various other aunts, uncles, and cousins.  It will be a lot for her to take in and I hope it all goes well.  Strange travels, strange people, and worse of all strange beds.  I am just praying for good rest while we are away.  She has never been a great sleeper and I certainly don't want to spend an entire vacation dealing with sleep issues!

James is doing good.  He's working his way through the Harry Potter series right now.  I have started the most recent book as I haven't gotten to it yet and need to get it done.  If I spent less time online I could probably finish it in a few days.  If I didn't have children I would read it on vacation, but I don't think that will be possible!

We have a great sitter for while we are gone, I am glad the pets will be able to stay home and relax.  Hopefully Maggie will be able to not stress out and not have a nervous episode that results in a giant mess.

 We have a quiet weekend planned so hopefully I can get some pictures up.  Hope you have a nice weekend too!