Friday, September 15, 2006

Hello Everyone!

Just have a chance to check in really quickly!

We've been having a great time here in Chicago. It rained til Wednesday, but we still managed to have a barbecue on Sunday with lots of family and friends, and we got in some fun shopping at places we don't have in Denver like Ikea, Trader Joes, and Farm and Fleet! Great stuff I tell ya! We had plans to go to the city yesterday, but unfortunately things didn't work out, the cable company was here trying to hook up the internet and it took them quite a while of crawling around in the attic before they fixed the problem. Well, that's fine, because now we can happily welcome my dad and Helen into the world of home computer ownership. It will be so nice to be able to send pictures and stuff to them so easily. They got a great picture printer too, so now they will have all the pictures they could ever want of the kids and more. The kids have done really well, adjusting to sleeping in a strange place with strange noises and a weird schedule. We have really enjoyed the little pond with all the fish and frogs in the yard. Gracie loves having a big place to run and play, makes me really want a house with a yard for ourselves. Yesterday since we couldn't make it downtown we ended up at Twin Lakes, an area I haven't been to in years, like probably since high school! It was so weird to take the kids to a place I remember going to as a child. We were going to take a paddle boat ride, but they weren't renting them out during the week, so we just walked around and played at the park instead. We also drove through my old neighborhood and I showed Gracie my old house and school. She was so cute, and seemed impressed about what I did when I was little like her. Then she told us that she also went to those places when she was a little boy!! Ahhhh, the imagination is a wonderful thing! Silly kid!

I'm excited to get home too. I get to start learning guitar, and continue my babysitting job, and we start music class again next Friday. It will be so fun!

I was able to catch up on my blog reading last night and I am glad to see everyone seems to be doing well also. I'll add pictures and catch up some more this weekend.


Sue said...

Glad you're having fun! Don't you love Trader Joes?

Stepford On Wisteria said...

We miss you already!!!

It was so fun to see you while you were in town. And that was the best BBQ in the rain I've ever been to. :) Your family is awesome! Such warm, loving people.

It was such a treat to be able to spend time with all of you.