Friday, September 01, 2006

Just an update!

I'm still here.  It's been a busy week I guess.

I did end up getting the job caring for the little boy.  He's almost 3 and seems like a really nice little guy.  He and Gracie hit it off immediately and were playing really nicely together.  I hope that is the norm!  He will only be with us from 1-4 in the afternoons, and he still naps a couple times a week, so actually it seems like it will be a fairly easy job.  A little extra work, a little extra cash.  I'm satisfied.

Ian is becoming an angry little fella lately.  I remember when Gracie was at this stage.  He wants to crawl and walk so badly.  He is trying so hard and getting so frustrated.  When you hold him he wants to be down, when he's down he wants up.  He wants to stand when he is sitting and sit when he is standing.  He wants his hands to work and grab things properly.  His brain knows what it wants but it's so hard getting those darn muscles to cooperate!!  I can't wait til it all kicks in, he will be so stinking happy once he is mobile.  He is sleeping a little better right now though, which is nice. 

Of course Gracie will not be happy when Ian is mobile!  She is already getting really frustrated with his abilities to take her things.  She tries to be a sweet sister, but toddler emotions get in the way a lot of the time!  It's hard being 2!  She's really excited about our upcoming trip, she talks about Chicago to anyone that will listen and is really looking forward to the plane ride.  I hope it meets her expectations.  She will be spending time with her Grandma and Grandpa there, as well as her Great-Grandpa Burson, her Great Grandma and Grandpa DuBonn and various other aunts, uncles, and cousins.  It will be a lot for her to take in and I hope it all goes well.  Strange travels, strange people, and worse of all strange beds.  I am just praying for good rest while we are away.  She has never been a great sleeper and I certainly don't want to spend an entire vacation dealing with sleep issues!

James is doing good.  He's working his way through the Harry Potter series right now.  I have started the most recent book as I haven't gotten to it yet and need to get it done.  If I spent less time online I could probably finish it in a few days.  If I didn't have children I would read it on vacation, but I don't think that will be possible!

We have a great sitter for while we are gone, I am glad the pets will be able to stay home and relax.  Hopefully Maggie will be able to not stress out and not have a nervous episode that results in a giant mess.

 We have a quiet weekend planned so hopefully I can get some pictures up.  Hope you have a nice weekend too!

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Sue said...

I must have missed your post where you talked about Chicago. My husband's whole family was from there and he still has some cousins living there.
Maybe we'll travel there someday...