Saturday, September 30, 2006


We were at Claire's birthday party today.  Here are some of the girls dressed in princess outfits.  Gracie is in white on the right.
Ian and Halem.  They are destined to be best buddies for life.  They are only 10 days apart and had the same due date! 
My friend Iris with her boys Atreyu and Halem.  Gracie and Atreyu are going to get married, we have already decided to arrange things for them.  We figure it will just be easier that way.
Miss Gracie the princess, waiting for her piece of birthday cake.
Gracie and her new guitar.  She is gonna learn how to play with Momma.  We plan to be famous someday, like the Judds!
Ian the cherrio monster!
Just playing around!




Stepford On Wisteria said...

I love seeing how well Gracie & Ian get along together. It makes me really wonder if the 3 year spacing we have in mind would be better as 2 year spacing...

April Showers said...

I love the pictures of G & I in their jammies playing together. How sweet! And Ian is getting so big. Those are very different names of the little kids in the pictures. I've never seen either one of them. How's Ian's burn? Kids are so resilient...but I'm sure you felt so bad. Bummer! Now are you taking guitar lessons? That's fun if you are. Or are you just teaching yourself to play? That's cool too!

samantha said...

So cool that Gracie's gonna learn guitar with you---ukelele is the big thing here and guitar as well--We're gonna have the boys learn too!!! Don't feel bad about Ian--it happens!! I gave Chase a black eye once--Something flew out of my hand and smacked him right in the eye--he was like a year old--it was always fun when people asked how it happened--um, i hit him!!!

HORIZON said...

The children are all so lovely- looking at the pics you forget just how much work they really are. :)