Saturday, September 30, 2006

So.... I burned the baby

Yep, you read that right.  I burned Ian.  And I feel like a total crap mother about it.
This morning I took his diaper off and was letting him crawl around nakie bottom.  Well, he decided to poop with his diaper off and then crawl around in it before we saw the mess.  Nice.  So, I decided to throw him in the sink to rinse him off.  I started the water and then set him in and I was washing him quickly and I reached to shut off the water.  I didn't think.  It was totally stupid.  I shut off the cold water first.  It was only a matter of a split second, but his little leg was directly under the stream and he got burned.  He shrieked the most horrible and loud shriek I have ever heard.  I grabbed him out and shut off the water in the same move, but it was too late.  His little leg looked like he had a really bad sunburn.   We immediately put a cold compress on it but we couldn't calm him.  After half an hour I had to give him some Motrin and he finally settled enough to nurse.  We put some aloe vera stuff on it and he seemed much better.
We had to go to a birthday party for Gracie's friend Claire and he was fine the whole time.  Then we got home and when I changed his diaper I found that he has 3 blisters on the burn!  Poor guy.  We called the doctor to see if we should do anything and he said no, just leave it to air out and don't burst the blisters.  It honestly doesn't seem to be bothering him that much, but I feel absolutely horrible about it. 
So apparently this was our week for tragedy.  And in my experience bad things happen in threes.  So make sure you check back in a couple days because I may have another story for you.   I really hope not though.


Stepford On Wisteria said...

:( Stop being so hard on yourself!!!

You are a fantastical, amazing mommy who made a very easy mistake to make.

I'm beating myself up mentally enough for both of no more of your negativity, missy!

I'm a Mommy now, so you have to listen to me. Or something like that. ;)

lisajo5 said...

Don't feel too bad, that's why they are called accidents. But make sure your hot water heater isn't set too high, just as a precaution. Glad Ian isn't too bothered by it. Isn't it amazing how much we hurt when they get hurt and they just kind of shrug it off after a little bit?

Chris said...

Don't feel to bad, these things happen.

Andrew has a big bruise on his cheek right now from smacking into the car door. He was trying to climb into the front seat (he likes to pretend to drive) and my mom had ahold of the back of his shirt. I told her it was okay to let him climb in. She let go and he smacked his face on the edge of the door. He's fine, but it looks like we beat him.

Thing is he just got over the bruise from smacking his face into the radiator. I am going to talk to the doctor about his depth perception, it does not seem to be working right.