Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pictures- Trip to Chicago and more!

Ok, so this is a lot of pictures.  I mean a lot.  Enjoy!

This is my dad's yard, in particular the pond.  It's lovely!


Gracie and my cousin Chris's son Quincy.


Myself and my friend Felicia, due with her baby Jackson any day now!

My cousin Chris, myself, and my cousin Angela, with Quincy and my dads neighbor Stephanie.

Gracie, and Chris's kids Quincy and Sela.

My Grandpa and his wife Peggy with James, myself, and Gracie.

My dad, grandpa, my aunt Judy  and myself.

The next few were all taken at the park down the street from my dads house.



These were taken at Twin Lakes.

Gracie wanted to help dad mow the lawn.  She was really excited to ride with him, until she got on his lap.  Then she was a little scared.  I snapped this picture and she got right down. 

My step-mom Helen and Ian playing around.


Three Burson men, James, his grandpa and Ian.

Grandpa Burson and his "lady friend" Jean with the kids.

James aunt Cheryl and uncle Hank and the kids.


Playing at midway airport.

My very very hot man in his very very hot cowboy hat.  Oh yeah!

Now this picture is truly priceless!  The night we got home from the airport Gracie was so excited to see all her toys.  She immediately stripped once she got in the door and had to go potty, but she wanted to play, so she ran to the bathroom, grabbed her potty, and sat it down in front of a bunch of her toys.  It was really funny and really cute.  What a silly girl!

This is a photo of Gracie the first time she truly dressed herself from head to toe complete with shoes.  Her pants were inside-out and backwards and her socks were also inside-out, but we went out and ran errands with pride anyway!

Gracie and Dominik.

Well now I have you all caught up on our recent photos.  Phewwww!


Granny said...

It's so smart of you to leave her clothes the way she put them on. Great for her self esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Thanks for your comment tonight. I understand busy. Many times I read but don't comment either because of Blogger or just don't have time.

samantha said...

Looks like you had so much fun on your trip---good old twin lakes!!! Remember we went there one time with your Mom for a picnic.... Your kids are so cute---I cannot believe how much Ian looks like your Dad and Gracie is you all the way---Wow!!! Glad you had a good time!

April Showers said...

I love the pictures! Thank you so much for uploading them. I need to get that program that you have so that I can upload photos more easily.
Gracie is getting so big, and Ian too! I can't wait to see them again! Hope your Sunday goes great. I'm off to get ready for church! Love you guys!

Sue said...

Loved your photos. Your dad's pond is lovely! I love that you let Gracie go out after she dressed herself. Such a wonderful boost for her self esteem...