Friday, September 22, 2006

Well, this week has been a busy one for sure!!

Monday we had a LLL meeting and lots of running around to do getting the house back in order. We also had to deal with our neighbors, unfortunately it seems our housesitter did a crap job and left Maggie on numerous nights to bark her head off into the wee hours of the morning. Nice. The only thing I made extremely clear was that she had to be here in the evenings and at night. Instead she apparently went out to dinner, back to work, and out clubbing until midnight or later. Thank goodness our neighbors knew we were out of town so they aren't mad at us, but still, I feel like we wasted good money. And now we know to never ever leave town without giving a neighbor our phone number so they can get ahold of us. If someone had called the first night it wouldn't have happened again, I can guarantee that!

Tuesday was full of running as well, we had playgroup, and the kids were still playing catch up on sleep from our trip (meaning one or the other was sleeping pretty much all day!) Then I had to take the kids to James office to meet my friend Iris and we were off to see John Mayer and Sheryl Crow. It was such an awesome concert. 14th row baby, we could see them sweating! They are both such great performers. I really like both their music, but I was especially impressed with John Mayer. He is just so cute (like my little brother type cute), I swear I could have just picked him up and put him in my pocket. And can that boy play the guitar!! They we just jamming, seriously awesome music! His band was fantastic too. It was just a great night! And James and the kids did fine, Ian struggled a little, but not too bad, and Gracie was of course great.

Wednesday I had to hit the grocery store, we were still out of food from being on our trip! Yesterday we went to story time at the library and then home for the rest of the morning. Then today we had music class at 9, and now we're home for the day. It's been a little strange having to do so much running around in the mornings because I have to be home by 1pm to watch Dominik. My afternoons are pretty much shot once he gets here, I have no intention of taking the 3 of them anywhere except the park, they can get just crazy! Gracie and Dominik are in love. On Wednesday he told Gracie he was her boyfriend, and yesterday while putting puzzles together he leaned over to her and said "I love you Gracie." And she smiled and said "I love you too!" They are like moony eyed teenagers! It's really pretty funny. Hopefully this will keep up, it's a lot easier to maintain two toddlers in love than two toddlers that fight!

I plan to add a bunch of pictures from our trip later, but the laptop pretty much crashed and James had to reformat it. So I am missing my other posting program, which I like much better and accepts pictures a lot easier and faster than blogger.

I hope everyone is well. We've gotten a few postcards from Scotland where grandma and grandpa Burson are traveling. They get home this weekend I think. I can't wait to hear about everything they did and see their pictures! I haven't heard from April in awhile, where are you??

Have a great weekend!


April Showers said...

I'm here. I haven't updated, because with you guys gone and Mom out of town, I don't know who else would read it. But I just did a new one tonight, so go check it out.
I'm glad you got to go to your concert. Yeah for time away with no kids! And they're still alive!
Talk to you soon!

Jeni said...

Well I'm glad you were able to enjoy the concert! The first time I saw him I had good seats like that, but this time was a little disappointing. I also thought Sheryl was a little disappointing, but John was awesome, as I expected! He's a great performer!