Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fall Snow Storm!

It was 70 degrees yesterday.
This morning we have a good 6 inches of snow and it's coming down hard.
Tomorrow it's suppose to be 50, and then low 60's for the weekend.
Gotta love Colorado weather!


Anonymous said...

WHAT? No pics of the kiddoes playing in the snow??

I feel like I got ripped off, just now. Poop. :(

The Mama said...

Sorry, we actually didn't even step foot outside, it was too cold and windy!!

lisajo5 said...

How much snow did you end up with? I saw the reports of the blizzard and was just wondering. I wouldn't have gone outside with the litle ones until it was over with and a little warmer. Can't wait to see those pics.

The Mama said...

We got about a foot.

It's melting fast though and will probably all be gone by tomorrow. We just went to music class and the roads are like a river! Hopefully we can get out when Ian gets up from his nap.