Monday, October 09, 2006

"I am not a dog, daddy!"

These are the words Gracie uttered tonight when James was putting her to bed and he told her to lay down.

She is really getting too smart for her own good!  I mean, how do you respond to that.  We do tell Maggie to lay down.  All the time in fact, it's the best way to get her to calm down and stay out of the way.  The fact that Gracie connects that we tell those words to the dog and therefore should not say them to her just cracks me up.  I can only imagine what we have in store.

Another thing she's starting to do is make up words and sing her own songs.  I totally remember doing that when I was a kid.  In fact, I still do it now, like every day.  I swear being in our house is like walking onto the set of a musical at times.  Singing things is a great way to get her to listen and to transation activities and to be silly.  So I do it lots.  And now so does she.  Tonight she was standing here, strumming her little guitar and making up words "And I love you.......daddy yes.  And things of never go there.  And I love Ian, he can crawl.....yes.  And I love mommy and daddy and Ian, dodododododo"  It is so funny. 

Then there's the making up of names of things.  Tonight she was in the bath tub and turned one of her water containers in to her own "shampoo" she told James she was washing her hair with "bouncing around and up and down honey oh baby oh mine".  What in the world is that?  And where did she get those words?   It is too funny. 

The other day, right before I hurt my ankle in fact, when I put her in her car seat she sings to me "don't break my heart mommy".  I said "What?? Where did you hear that?"  She just laughed and smiled.   She loves music and I think she actually picked that phrase up from listening to the radio in a store. (Not in my car because all grown-up music has been banned from my life, I now only listen to our music class CD and various children's entertainers like the Wiggles.  *sigh*)

She is one funny kid.  I love her so much!


Chris said...

It is almost frightenig how quick they learn. Andrew is just starting to sing. Not much for words, just nonsense, but it is singing.

She is too funny and it is wonderful that she is making those connections. She is obviously a very bright girl.

Sorry about the music, it's can get pretty bad. We listen to a lot of Wiggles. When Andrew is really frustrated, I can calm him down by singing either the Bob the Builder song or "If You're Happy and You Know it"

When is Gracies's birthday? I was trying to work out how old she is compared to Andrew.

April Showers said...

That's so funny! Isn't it amazing how kids pick up on things and piece everything together? I just marvel at how God created all of us and how we grow and learn. It's amazing! Thanks for the laugh. Hope you have a great day!

The Mama said...

Chris, her birthday is the beginning of May. I think Andrew is about 7 months younger, right?

Chris said...

That makes sense. I knew she was born in 2004, but wasn't sure when. I get paranoid that he is not progressing at the right speed. He was slow to walk, around 14 months. He cruised forever, but wouldn't take the step to walk. I am sure you understand what I mean.

The Mama said...

Gracie started walking at 13 months old, she cruised forever too! I thought she'd walk at 10 months, but nope, she just wasn't brave enough.

As far as verbal skills and things though, Gracie is way advanced in that department. She tends to be at the same stage as kids who are a good 6 months to a year ahead of her. I had a few mommy pals that started panicking because of how much Gracie talked and thought their kids were behind. Their kids were totally on track, Gracie was just wayyyy ahead. I'm sure it will even out now though as the kids approach 3and 4 years old.

lisajo5 said...

That is so cute, you are going to have to find something else to say to her though. Bobby still sings, but now it is songs from cartoons, and definitely songs from the radio. I cannot and will not listen to radio Disney or any other kind of kids music, so he has had to endure listening to mommy music. Although he has not picked up on any of the horrible songs. He does love a song with a good beat and just starts dancing no matter where you are at.