Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I told you bad things happen in threes.

I've made a decision.  It was pretty easy to make because I've been thinking about it for awhile anyway.  I have decided I am homeschooling the kids.  I don't think much of public education and I honestly can't justify spending money on private school when I am perfectly capable of teaching them everything they need to know, and probably more.  I am actually becoming quite a fan of the unschooling line of thought, but more on that later.  Anyway, traditional school is not an option anymore.  Because I am sickened by what has occurred in schools this last week.  They are no longer safe in my book.  They are becoming a target more and more often and I will not allow my children to become sitting ducks. 
What is going on?  Why is there such a lack of respect for human life? A lack of love?  Why is there such a sense of entitlement?  An inability to think of the greater good?  Where is our sense of community? 
I really don't understand.  It scares the crap out of me though.  I don't feel safe anymore.  Whenever I am in any public situation I feel like I am guard, looking for suspicious people.  Making sure there isn't someone who looks like they might whip out a gun, who might grab one of them when I'm not looking.  It's a horrible thing, being a parent, recognizing the evil in the world and trying to portray strength to your kids all the while knowing that everything could change in the blink of an eye. 
So I will be doing what I can.  I will keep my kids as close to me as possible for as long as they will let me.  And I don't know how I'll ever sleep once they are out on their own.


Granny said...

If I were a little younger, I might have considered home schooling. In the frame of mind I find myself in lately though, even home doesn't seem safe.

I know this depression and despair will past; it always does. Like you, I'll replace it with rage that we can't protect our kids no matter what we do.

Unschooling sounds interesting. It was around in the 60's although not called by any specific name. I'd love to do it if I still had the energy.

I'd really like the best of both worlds. It would be wonderful to have some free time on the day to teach the things they're not learning in school. Art, music, nature, civics, etc. There just isn't. Homework takes so much time we're lucky to have time for dinner, bath, and bed.

The system is broken in the public schools.

I originally came over to thank you for the comment and this evolved into a rant.

Have a great day.

HORIZON said...

It is hard sometimes trying to make the right decisions for your children.
My older two have stayed mostly in mainstream schooling, however l did home-school for about a year. It was good fun and we got out a lot. If you do decide to go this route it is also worth considering letting them mix with other children as much as they can.
The very best to you and yours,

Sue said...

These are scary times for us, aren't they?
One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to let them go out on their own.
As a mother, I still worry sometimes about my own grown children.
There are pros and cons to public vs homeschooling. I've seen both sides in my grandchildren. So you have to do what's right for you...

Chris said...

I tend to be a proponent of the public school system, but one that see's some real advantages to homeschool's as well. Both are good legitimate options, but I would caution you to make sure you really consider your reasons before choosing to homeschool. If safety is the main reason I would rethink the decision. While school shootings are what make the news, I don't think our schools are any less safe then flying (hijackings), the grocery store (shootings), or a public park (kidnappings). The media will always focus on a story like this, but don't let the emotions of the day rule a major life decision. Just my two cents.

The Mama said...

Oh, believe me this isn't a fly-by-night thing. I've been contemplating it for a long time. Having been a teacher myself I know exactly what goes on in school, the politics, the true "learning", I've seen all the crud up close and personal. And that was in private schools which are generally much better run than public schools. But the safety issue is huge to me. Not just safety from some deranged gunman, but safety from the system in general. I honestly believe I can teach my kids a lot better than they would get in a classroom. Personal lessons given with one child in mind, trips tailored to what you are studying, sick days not an issue, skipping things that we've mastered or spending more time when needed. All of that dictated by the individual needs and personalities of my children.

Sounds pretty darn good to me!

And we won't be homeschooling hermits. I'm wayyyyyy too social for that!

samantha said...

You are definitely the homeschool type Alice!!! Not me however, I would go nuts---My boys are way too energetic and Chase would kill me if I home-schooled him!! All of the homeschool kids we knew from NBBC were VERY smart---if you can do it---more power to ya!!!

lisajo5 said...

Good luck with your decision. You definitely seem like the homeschool type. I could never homeschool, I don't have the patience or personality to deal with homeschooling. We moved out of Palm Beach County to get Bobby into a better school system and it was the best thing we could have done. I truly hope you follow your convictions and that your kids realize how much you love them.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you on your decision. I was homeschooled for 4 years .. oh wait maybe I should not admit that, it might scare the idea away from you. No, really. Kudos for putting your kids first. They will thank you one day.