Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Jack-O-Launch

We went to the Jack-O-Launch festival last Saturday.  The main event was a pumpkin launch where people used various devices they invented at home to see who could shoot a pumpkin the farthest.  We actually didn't see very many pumpkins fired off because they were taking forever to set up and then shoot.  But the couple we did see, well, it was amazing!!  These things flew very far!  It was like medieval warfare with pumpkins.  If one of those devices got into the wrong hands it could do quite a lot of damage!!
Anyway, we mostly hung out among the kiddie activities, they had lots of free things for the kiddos to climb on, over and through.  It was a beautiful day and we really had a good time.  Here are some shots:


And, a few more shots from around the house:
I love this picture, let it be known that this kid loves broccoli! She ate another bunch the same size before she started on this one!!
He's walking around the house now with his little push toy!  I can't believe how big he's getting!
Snow bunny!  Boy was she excited to get out and tromp around in the snow!


Sue said...

I've never heard of launching pumpkins!
Hope they were the mini ones!
It's great to see children who truly love veggies. Such a great start for them!

The Mama said...

No, these were full on pumpkins, the size you would buy to take home and carve! Like I said, in the wrong hands they could do serious damage!

lisajo5 said...

Watching pumpkins being launched is great. It's amazing how far they really fly. Your kids look like they had a wonderful time. I am sending Bobby to your house to eat, I can't get him to eat broccoli. Then again, his dad won't touch it either. Kudos to you for starting them young.

Nancy said...

WOW! I never heard of a pumpkin launch. I love blogging because you get interesting tidbits from all over the world! I love the pictures of your kids. My two are grown. Love every minute of it while they are small... they grow up so fast. Just give them extra hugs and treasure each moment ...they are precious!

theresa said...

Cute pictures. My little brother lives in Broomfield CO. I visit often, but find it very difficult to breath.

God Bless,


Pamela said...

Oh, it is such a treat to see the snow, as I am visiting from Florida! Love the cute pics of the kids with the pumpkins! What a fun event for the family to participate in. :)

So nice that your little girl likes brocolli. Just visiting from Morning Glory's...loved your blog! Very Cute!

samantha said...

Looks like so much fun---I miss that kind of stuff--we don't have it here. Our pumpkins are obviously shipped here and the prices are outrageous--but of course we will still get one and carve it!! Chase loves Broccoli too---I'm so glad!! It's his b-day next week and I asked him what he wanted to do for dinner--go out or eat at home--he wants me to make beans, meat and mashed potatoes!! I thought he would ask for McDonalds or something---I was so glad!!!