Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Let it snow!!

 Yep, that's right, it's snowing!
It's about a week later than our first snow last year, and it's probably going to be something we can measure by morning.  Right now, at 2 PM, it's just a little dusting on the mulch areas of the yard. 
Everyone thinks that Colorado is covered in snow for over half the year, but the truth is that down here on the Front Range, the area east of the mountains from Cheyenne down to Trinidad is considered a high plains dessert, meaning it's actually really dry here.  When we do get snow here it very rarely stays on the ground for more than a couple of days.  The pavement is almost always warm here due to the intensity of the sun, so a lot of times the snow doesn't build up on the roads at all, it melts as soon as it hits.  One of things I thought was so cool when I first moved here was how the roads will actually have steam rising from them when they get wet because the water melts and evaporates so fast.  It's pretty neat looking.  Another thing people think is that it's freezing cold here.  Of course that's not true either.  It was lots colder living in the Midwest than it is here.  We usually get one week of really cold weather in January where it might even go below freezing.  That's about it.  It's not unusual to have a 70 degree day in December or February.  It's also not unusual to have a snow storm in the spring that dumps 3 feet of snow which is all melted away in 48 hours.  It's sunny here well over 300 days a year.  So even in the dead of winter you don't have those gray yucky hanging clouds.  I really love the weather here.  I am a sunshine dependent person.  It would be really hard to live somewhere that isn't sunny most of the time after living here.
Other things going on...let's see.  Ian has cut another tooth.  Finally.  Have I mentioned before how much I hate teething?  We are almost half way through this teething business.  I hope he gets the rest in a full swoop.  I just want it over with.  He has 8 of the 20 teeth he will get by the time he is 2.  I would be very happy if he had the rest of them by the end of next week. I know that is very unlikely, but I can hope.
I think Gracie is going through another growth spurt, she is eating like crazy and is sleeping and napping really well.  She has already grown 5 inches this year!!  She's got about 1/4 of an inch left before she is 3 feet tall.  I can't believe how much she has changed since this time last year.  She was so little!!  I was looking at pictures we took last fall, I was all big and pregnant and she was just such a little baby!  I can't believe we had two kids so close together!!
I lead my first LLL meeting on Monday and it went really well. I am  so glad I decided to take my leadership application to my local group.   I have found out through the grapevine that my name is being smeared by people in the other LLL group I use to attend.  The leadership in that group became really shoddy and so I moved to the group here in my town before I finished my leader application.  Well, anyway, apparently the leader over there is saying some really bad things about me because I didn't finish with her.  *Sigh*   I had a feeling people might talk, but I honestly had no choice but to leave.  It's so silly and stupid and petty, but it still makes me mad.  I made up my mind when I left that group I wouldn't say anything to anyone about it, just let it go and move on.  I'm disappointed (although not terribly surprised) the other people involved couldn't do the same.  I still have a lot of friends over there and we get together, so I know what is being said.  There's a part of me that's tempted to confront the people involved,  but, I figure they will get their just desserts.  Everyone is learning what that group of people is really like and pretty much everyone is pulling away.  It's sad, because it was such an active and encouraging group, now it's just a couple spiteful people and everyone they've alienated.  Oh well.  I have surrounded myself and the kids with a  great group of moms and kids for now, so I guess I should just let it go.  (Re-reading this I am reminded how little life changes, this sounds oddly like a drama that would occur among 7th graders!)
Well, with that I will leave you, I need to organize an activity for Dominik and Gracie.  The honeymoon is quickly ending between them and they are starting to bicker like siblings.  I figured that would happen eventually.  I enjoyed the love while it lasted!


samantha said...

Sounds like you get the best of both worlds with your weather over there--Enjoy the snow for me. Not that I miss it because I honestly don't, but I do miss just a bit of cold air.

You could always come here for vacation--just win the lottery!!

lisajo5 said...

Definitely sounds like you have the best of both worlds. I don't miss the snow, so enjoy it for all of us.

Sue said...

The snow looks lovely, but I certainly learned a bit about your weather in this post. I thought it was much colder and snowier for more of the year!

Chris said...

All of you in warmer climates are not making me feel friendly towards you this morning. It is getting cold and my heat hasn't really started functioning properly yet. My radiators need to be bled, and I haven't been home much this past week. Thank God for space heaters!

I need to win the lottery and visit Sam.

April Showers said...

Yeah...snow! I miss Colorado snow so much. It's been a little cooler here lately, but not much. Who knows when, or if, it will even snow this winter. I think it snowed once last year and it was hardly worth calling a sprinkling of snow.

That's great that your LLL meeting went good. I'm sure you'll be good at facilitating a group like that. And you've really benefitted from it, so it's cool to continue on but in a leadership role.

I have to run and finish getting ready for church. Tell James and the kids I said hey. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

It snowed here for a few minutes last week - not enough to stick, but enough to call "snow" and make me angry, as I had to walk the dogs and they thought it would be fun & games to chase the white stuff in the sky.

I thought it was a little unseasonably early for us to get snow...so for now, you can keep it over by you!

Sorry about the LLL backstabbers. You're right, it does sound like 7th grade! You're doing the right thing by taking the high road and not participating in the smear campaign. It's only a matter of time before everyone sees that. Keep your chin up.