Monday, October 23, 2006


On Saturday we went to pick out our pumpkins at the local nursery.  We were a little late for the pumpkin festival they had, but we were still able to pick out nice pumpkins to take home and carve.  We gutted and carved them yesterday.  I roasted the seeds (yummy!) and we finished 3 of the 4 pumpkins we bought.  I still need to do mine, I did Gracie's for her and that was enough for me!
So, here are some pictures of what we did:
Gracie's Pumpkin!
Gracie and Horace with Mr. Pumpkin.
Daddy carving Ian's pumpkin.
Gracie feeding her desperate little brother.  He has decided he loves food of all sorts.  And being he has 8 teeth it works out well.  He begs for food like a puppy, he will stand at your knee and scream for food if you don't have him in his highchair and keep shoveling the food in as fast as he can swallow.  It's really funny.  Here she is feeding him peas, sweet potato, and ginger pork chop.  It was really cute, she's not always into sharing with him!
What a killer smile!  Such a cute boy!
The pumpkins from left to right, Gracie, Daddy, and Ian.
Our front porch all decorated for Halloween.   Gonna stop by for a treat??
Hope you all had a great weekend too!


lisajo5 said...

I love the pumpkins. Have to get us some one of these days. The porch looks great all decorated, I need to get my decorations out too. I love this time of year, the colors, the cooler weather just the whole spirit of fall.

I want the recipe for the ginger pork chop, please. Sounds great. Gracie is so cute sharing with Ian.

April Showers said...

I love the picture of the pumpkins all lit up outside. That's cool. I just went to the pumpkin patch with Shon, Michelle and Sheldon today. We picked out some pumpkins, but haven't carved them yet. I love Fall time. Thanks for the pictures. Ian's smile is so cute!

Anonymous said...

*GASP!* But Alice!!!!


I'm kidding. Your pumpkins are adorable, and your home looks so inviting for trick or treaters.

I would stop by and get some candy I can't eat. ;)

The Mama said...

The ginger pork chops are really really simple!!

Go to the store and buy Annies Spicy Ginger Marinade. Put pork chops in a zip lock bag, dump in bottle of marinade and seal. Let sit in fridge for a day or two til you remember you need to eat them. Grill for about 15 minutes on medium.

It is seriously the most fabulous ginger marinade ever and is so yummy on pork chops. I keep meaning to try it on chicken too.

Let me know if you try it how you like it!

samantha said...

Looks so fun!!! We are going to a costume party for the kids on Sat. night--can't wait!!!

Yes, Chase will be 5---I'm having a big party for him and Wes next Sat. Their b-days are only 12 days apart. I am having one for Chase at school too---everyone else does so he informed me that he must have one too!!

Pamela said...

Great job on the pumpkins! They all look so cute. Sounds like you've got a little boy with a hole in his stomach! lol At least that's what we used to say about our boys when they were growing up. All the decorations look awesome!