Friday, October 06, 2006

The results are in!

Good news to report on the ankle situation.  Very good news.

The fracture is called an avlusion fracture, basically I broke the tip off the tibia bone.  The bone piece is still attached to the ligament, and there is no ligament damage.  So basically it boils down to me having a sprain.  That's it!!  The doctor took the splint cast thing off and took a look at it and it is really in good shape, barely bruised and barely swollen.  He sent me home without the splint and off those cursed crutches!  I am so happy!  Of course I am still fairly sore and I am to take it easy and do some physical therapy, but I can walk!  My doctor, who is a stoic strict Catholic that was formerly in the military actually cracked a funny and said "It's like I'm a healer, you came in on crutches and you are walking out without them!"

I am just so happy!!

I'd also like to thank my newest commentors, I have had a few this week!!  I will add them to my blog roll when I get the chance.  They are both also friends from High School.  Pretty soon I will have my whole class here!!

Chris is a self proclaimed spend thrift and she has some pretty deals she's gotten up on her blog.  She also just put up pictures of her little guy Andrew, and boy is he cute!

Doug lives out here in Colorado, but the lucky stinker actually lives in the mountians.  I may have to talk to him about giving James a job.  We would absolutely love to live up where he is!

Well, that's all for now.  I have been commendeering James laptop the last two days and I think he is antsy!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! You're free!

Granny said...

So glad for you!! I've had the same problem with comments that you have. I've kept up with you somewhat but haven't been able to comment or blogger is so draggy that I've given up.

I have control issues too but I finally learned it doesn't matter if things aren't done exactly as I would do them. I do have an alarming tendency to fix them later though.

Just went through my pantry and did a little rearranging because the tomato paste was mixed in with the canned fruit. No control issues here (lol). I did it sneakily though.

HORIZON said...

Wow- you have had a busy few days- first falling, then the ER- then the cast- then being waited on hand and foot... Need l say more? lol. Just kidding. Am so glad that all worked out well in the end- rest easy dear lady- those kids need their Mom back. :)