Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lots of stuff......


The last few days have been busy.  Here's what we've been up to.
We gave Ian his first chance at ribs.  He really liked them.  Especically the bones!
Gracie has been big into dressing up.  In the last couple of day she has been piglet and tinkerbell.   
On Friday we had our last class of Music Together for this semester.  This is the kids with their teacher Miss Brenda.  We love her to death, she is so much fun!  We have a two week session in December where we will be doing just Christmas music and then start up with a regular class again in January.  We can't wait!
And the last few shots are what can occur if you go too long without cleaning up behind your couch!!  Apparently it's a prime environment for growing children.  Who knew?
 I hope you have all had a fun and restful weekend.  We have!


Granny said...

Hi and thanks for the comment. I make the famous green bean casserole too. Each of the kids seem to have his/her own favorite and woe unto me if I miss anything. I may skip the Harvard beets though. My former dil won't be here and I can make them anytime for us.

Great pics. Mine used to hide behind the couch. Now they won't fit.

Granny said...

I've just now been reading back through the posts I missed (Blame Bloglines - they weren't showing up).

I have no words except to tell you how very sorry I am about your friend and her family. Senseless.

Granny said...

Leave as many comments as you wish.

It's not just your blog that isn't showing up. It's a lot of them and it's driving me nuts.

Bloglines is wonderful when it works but it's like anything else we depend on. When it malfunctions it's worse than nothing at all.

What it does is show new posts on the blogs you've subscribed to. Without new posts highlighted, I forget to check back and as happened with you I got behind.

(That wasn't all of it - I've been really busy and my net was down for a couple of days which didn't help)

Sue said...

My Mom always made green bean casserole for Thanksgiving. None of my family really likes it (other than me)
so we don't have it anymore. It was one traditional dish that kind of went away.
Sorta sad.
Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful and filled with every blessing..

Pamela said...

Your kids look so happy and cute. Wow, I looked behind my couch and didn't find anything as cute as what was behind yours!!! lol Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

samantha said...

My boys love to go behind the couch--except we have tile floors and so the couch goes anywhere they push it--so I try to keep them from doing it or I end up with my couch in the kitchen or many other places!!! Hope you have a great thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, wait a minute... I went through days of labour, two surgeries and thirty pounds of children to have a family... And all I had to do was stop cleaning behind the couch??

I bet if I go back there right now I can fing at least two of them. Maybe even a set of triplets!

Your kids are adorable! :)