Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My cat sucks at jumping and other random thoughts of a very exhausted mom.

Last night James and I were both laughing out heads off at Horace.  I don't know what the deal is with this cat, but he simply cannot jump.  I don't know if maybe he doesn't see well or if the strong leg gene that most cats possess skipped him or what, but this cat face plants into the side of the things he is trying to jump onto more often than not.  He's only 7 months old, so maybe it will improve, but it is good comic relief to watch him.
So, why am I exhausted you ask?  Because Ian decided to get sick as Gracie did a few nights ago.  It seems to just be a stuffy nose, no fever, etc....  But James now has a sore throat so maybe the kids have that too.  At any rate Ian decided that because he was having a hard time breathing he would screech and moan approximately ever 5-15 minutes all night long.  There was simply no way to get him comfortable, he was sleeping on top of me, next to me, a foot away from me, on his side, on his tummy, with daddy......we tried everything.  It was a truly miserable night.  James declared it was officially the worst night of sleep ever gotten by us as parents, and he was including the night we got up at 2am because I was in labor and we stayed up til midnight when Ian was born and then the nurses bugged us every hour all night while I was in recovery until I yelled at them at about 5 am to please leave us alone, James was sleeping right there in the room with me and if I needed something we would call them......but I digress.
I have added a few blogs to my blog roll and I hope you'll take a look.  I added Pamela who visits me frequently and has a very nice blog where she talks about her life with her husband and about her life as a grandma and recent empty-nester.  I have also added Michelle who I met on MDC, a board I frequent.  She's a stay at home mom from Canada with adorable kids. I have another to add as well, but it appears she is switching to the Blogger Beta system and I can't access her blog right now.
In more exciting news, we have decided to start looking for a new house!  We have very quickly outgrown this place, and that combined with very high HOA fees, bad parking, a lack of enforcement of the HOA by-laws, poor maintenance and construction that is seemingly never-ending, we have decided it is time to move on.  We knew this was a temporary solution to our housing problems, but we did plan on being here for longer than a year.  However, we are ready for our house.  I mean THE house.  The one the kids will remember growing up in and will return to when they are on break from college and once they have families of their own.  This is no small task, finding THE house.  I have a few ideas, in fact I have one house that I already feel like it maybe it, but I haven't even seen the inside yet!!  So, wish us luck as we embark on this journey.  We have to coordinate the real estate agent, the mortgage broker, and our finances, so it could take a while.  I am excited though.  I am ready to go home.
And, finally, I must mention.  Gracie is officially two and a half today.  I can't believe it, time has just flown by.  She is definitely not a baby anymore, and she really isn't a toddler anymore either (although that's how she is technically labeled).  She's become an energetic and smart pre-schooler and I can hardly believe this has happened so fast.   We are going to go get pictures taken at Wal-Mart later today and maybe get a celebratory half birthday ice cream or something.  She's become such a big beautiful kid.  I am so amazed at her every day.  I can't even imagine how much more wonderful the next few years will be!
I hope you all have a great day!


samantha said...

I understand about the sickness thing---we were all sick last week--same thing---Jack did not sleep at all and I was sick and so stinking tired--it was terrible. I felt like a walking zombie!!! I hope everyone gets well soon~!

Good Luck finding a house---I would love to have one of my own---but it's quite expensive here so we have to know we are staying for a while before we would consider it. Hope it all goes well for ya!

Jonathon said...

I know what you mean! Little-E just turned two this June, and already calling her a toddler just doesn't fit. She's so independent I just can't believe it sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing the house you choose. We are hoping to buy next spring/summer, but only if we can get our finances together. I am a bit of a house junkie.