Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Shouldn't voting be a little easier than this?

I stood in line for 3 hours and 45 minutes in order to cast my vote.  The actual voting took less than 5 minutes.
I am so doing an absentee ballot from now on.  I love my country, but almost 4 hours of my time to voice my opinion seems a little much, don't you agree?


Pamela said...

Wow! Seems they ought to give you more than a little sticker saying I voted! lol That is rediculous! We had no line and no waiting, not that that makes you feel any better.

Good for you in doing your Civic duty though! Hope it is better in '08.

Sue said...

This is an outlandishly long time to wait. I am so sorry I haven't been by to comment. Your site doesn't seem to be working in bloglines!

The Mama said...

It was an insane situation. First of all their were way too few polling places because there weren't enough machines to go around. Then the machines are new this time, and they weren't working well and of course the election judges were not familiar with them. Apparently they had to close at least two polling places in our county entirely because all the machines broke down. It was insane, just insane. There were 9 machines where I voted and at one point only 1 was functional. Luckily they managed to get them all running again. And then the server that accepts all the information was overloaded and kept crashing. So it was a mess here in Colorado all around. Especially here in Douglas County and in Denver County where there was a lack of machines.

But....it was a quiet break from the kids. I got more than halfway through a book I was really wanting to read!