Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our Christmas

We had a very nice and quiet day at home yesterday.  We got up nice and early, as usual, and Gracie was very surprised to come down the stairs and see so many toys looking her in the face!!  It was very fun.  Then we all just relaxed all day long and we had a delicious honey ham for dinner.  It was a wonderful day!  Here's a few pictures.

This was Christmas Eve, we went to Cherry Creek Mall and the kids got to make their own stuffed animals at Build A Bear.  Gracie wasn't feeling too hot, but she had a good time anyway.  It was her first experience at Build A Bear and I think she liked it!  (Oh, and no, Hello Kitty was definitely not my first choice, but as soon as she saw it she was sold!)

This is our living room Christmas Eve, after Santa came.  He decided it would be easiest to take all the toys out of their containers and not wrap them so the kids could enjoy them right away in the morning.  It was very nice of him and also saved on the huge amount of trash created by wrapping paper!

Gracie's first look at the living room Christmas morning.

This is me in one of the tunnels we got the kids.  We got them this set of 4 stuff, two tunnels and a tent and a teepee.  We bought it back in September and it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Well....once we got the stuff up we realized how big it is!!!  Good grief!  I plan to take the stuff down as soon as it's lost it's newness and keep it stored until we move, there just isn't room in our house for a tent, even a little kid one!  Of course it may be awhile til I can put everything away, Gracie just loves them.  I've already moved the teepee up to her room and she was sitting in there last night reading books.  It was really cute!


James in the tent!

The kids in the tent with their new phones, given in hopes they will leave our phones alone!!

Happy girl!

Gracie and I in the teepee. 

My sweet boy on his first Christmas!!


We will have visitors the rest of this week now, the beloved Auntie April gets here today and then on Saturday Nana and Papa from Wisconsin arrive!!  It should be lots of fun!

We wish you all a great week and a happy new year!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Digging Out

Here's a few more pictures, James has done a bit of work trying to dig us out.  It's still gonna be a lot of work though, the cars are buried as you can see!  Gracie and James just got back from walking around the block.  She's loving this!  Oh yeah, and it's still snowing!!!!!



We are getting blasted!!  We probably have two and a half feet, it's kind of hard to tell because the wind has blown things around and there are some huge drifts.  Here's some pictures from last night and this morning.  And, it's still snowing!!!!!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Gospel according to Gracie

On Saturday Gracie and Ian received a Little People Nativity set from my in-laws.  She has been playing with it a lot, and she has some great story lines.  This is just an example of the things that go on.


Me:  So, who is the donkey?

Gracie: His name is Hengry (yes, like a combination between Henry and Hungry, I don't know why).

Me: Oh, and what about the sheep?

Gracie:  His name is Meme.

Me:  OK, what about the Camel?

Gracie:  He's Ben.

Me:  Oh... So, who is this guy?

Gracie: That is a king.  He has treasure, and so does this king. 

Me:  Does this king have treasure too?

Gracie:  No, he has gold.

Me:  Oh, ok.

Gracie: And Mary and baby Jesus go in the barn.  And this is the daddy and he goes to work with this guy (this guy is the Shepard).

She takes the Joseph and puts him on the back of the Hengry (stay with me now, that's the donkey), and rides him off to the other end of the couch while humming Jingle Bells.  Then Hengry returns to pick up the shepherd who is also serenaded with Jingle Bells on his way to work.  They do their work in a pile next to a pillow.  There is no explanation of what this work involves.

Then Gracie returns her attention to the barn. 

Gracie:  This is Mary.  She has to poop.

Me:  Really?  Well, ok then.

Gracie walks Mary around the back of the barn and ceremoniously shakes her saying "poop, poop, poop"  in a very happy and jovial voice. 

Gracie:  Now she is all done and the angel comes to wipe her bottom!

She rubs the angel gently against the backside of Mary.

Me:  Brahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha (this went on for some time).

Gracie:  Why is you laughing mama?

Me:  Because I don't think the angel ever wiped Mary's bottom for her.

Gracie:  Yes him did!!!

Me:  Ok, whatever you say!


I think I may need to read the story to her a few more times, she's obviously not grasping it!!

Life goes on

So, in keeping with all the craziness in our lives:


~We are having a blizzard right now.  It is amazing!!  We are suppose to get two feet of snow!!  All of Denver is shutting down; the malls are closed, James office closed, some of the interstates are closed, and the airport has suspended all flights in and out.  It's an honest to goodness winter storm!

~Ian is sick.  Like really sick.  Like 102 fever sick.  Like so sad and hot all he can do is sit on my lap and moan and cry sick.  No other symptoms so far though, just the fever.   We'll see how this pans out.


The rest of us are fine, Gracie loves watching all the snow, James is doing a bit of work from home, and I am resting and slowly but surely my ankle is healing.  It's a process you know!

I hope you are all safe and warm and getting ready for the holidays!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

An update

The doctors diagnosis was:


Walking Cast!!!


Of course I am thrilled beyond thrilled because being off my feet for 3 weeks was simply unimaginable.  Being off my feet for 3 days was bad enough.

I have one of those removable walking casts.  It is not the most comfortable thing in the world, and it is quite heavy.  Honestly I think I would prefer a fiberglass cast.  If memory serves me correctly they are not this heavy and once it was on I didn't feel much pain at all and felt very protected.  This thing is weird, it takes a lot of adjusting to get it right, and then once you take if off you have to start all over again to get it to fit right.  It's actually an aircast, it has all these little nozzles where you use this little pump to inflate air bladders in 4 areas of the cast.  It's nifty, but I think it could stand some improvement.

The break is similar to the one 9 weeks ago actually, but it's higher up on the bone and it also re-injured the first one, so I essentially have two fractures right now.  The orthopedist did say my doctor treated the first one properly though, it's just really unlucky that it happened again.

So, that's that. 

Also, a huge thank you so much to all my friends that happily offered their time to come and help me out, and to James mom Heather, who came on Saturday and made a bunch of food for our freezer to help make things easier.   I was overwhelmed by all the offers and if I did have to be off my feet we were only going to have to pay for help a very small amount of the time.  Good friends are worth their weight in gold!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Of all the things

So I'm getting a crash course into what it's like to have triplets.

It's wigging out the kids some, but they'll adjust. Gracie especially has been told maybe 1000 times already to watch out for mommy's foot. Not that it's really helped much....

At this point I'm really wondering where the hover craft, or hover wheel chairs i was promised when I was a kid are at. Just goes to show you what science knows.

Of course we could give alice the old peg leg. But then I'll have to sand it, and varnish it periodically instead of just giving her the occasional foot massage.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

The broken ankle episode two: This time it's serious.

The title says it all.

I broke my ankle again yesterday afternoon.  It is a new break higher up on the bone than last time.  This time I need a cast and crutches for at least 3 weeks (so says the ER doctor anyway).  I have to go see an orthopedic specialist on Monday and get a hard cast and see what the final prognosis will be.

The story is not exciting, once again I simply tripped.  I was walking out of the library, carrying Ian and a bag of toys and books and the diaper bag (you know, typical mommy pack horse situation), and I was looking behind me at Gracie telling her to catch up and my shoe caught something  I guess, I actually don't even really know.  Luckily I didn't fall, or even drop anything.  I knew immediately it was bad though and I just kept walking cause I knew I had to get to the car and if I stopped I wouldn't be able to start up again.  I managed to get the kids in the car, call James, and drive the 20 minutes home with my poor broken foot (my right foot of course, driving was very painful). 

I am so ticked off.  I fractured this stupid thing 9 weeks ago.  I can't help but wonder that if they had just put a cast on me the first time this might not have happened. 

We are working on making a schedule of helpers, I think Heather (James mom) will be able to help out a day or two and then we will fill in with friends and babysitters.  I put up an ad on Craigslist and we have a few leads from that.  I definitely need help, besides having the normal day to day stuff to do there is also Ian's birthday party to get organized and Christmas to set up.

To put it in the most mild terms I have used in the last 24 hours, this sucks big time.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Meeting Santa!

Today was the kids Christmas party for James company.  Since his company deals with movie theaters they always have the party at one and then we get to see a movie afterwards.  The last two years we have gone for the party to get the goodie bag for Gracie and see Santa, but then we leave because having her sit in a movie is nearly impossible, and besides last year they showed the Narnia movie which was way too scary for her at 19 months old.  And she wouldn't go near Santa, he was too scary too.  But at least she got her goodie bag!
Today we were really hopeful Gracie would talk to Santa.  We've been talking it up for a few days now, telling her she could see Santa and tell him what she wanted and give him her list.  Oh yes, she actually had a list.  The other day she was busy with her markers and crayons and she gave me this little blue sticky note with scribbles all over it and told me it was for Santa.  I did not prompt her to write any sort of note to Santa, it was totally her own thing.  I am now kicking myself because she gave the note to him and he put it in his bag to take back to the north pole and now I don't have it to put with all her special stuff.  Stupid, stupid, stupid mommy! 
Anyway, as you can see from the pictures, Gracie did actually sit on Santa's lap and talk to him.  She was really nervous at first but as she watched other kids she realized Santa was a pretty nice guy.  So she bravely went to him, and sat on his lap and handed him the note.  Then he asked her what she wanted and she blurted out "I want a kitchen" and then he talked to her for a few more seconds and that was it.  She jumped down from his lap and then she turned around and gave him a big hug!  It was so cute, I can't believe we missed a picture of that!
Then it was Ian's turn and he was not too thrilled!  This picture was snapped pretty much as soon as I set him down and just a split second before he went stiff as a board in an attempt to slide between Santa's hands and onto the floor away from that scary man with the white fuzzy face.
Maybe next year we will actually manage a picture with both of them on Santa's lap.
We did attempt the movie after meeting Santa, but we only made it through about 30 minutes.  I want to see the rest of it though so we will have to rent it.  The movie was Happy Feet and I was really enjoying it, but it was in the IMAX theater so everything was really big and really close and really loud.  Gracie doesn't do so well when stuff is loud and intense so we decided it was best to leave before she was really upset.  I think she'll like it better at home, it had some rockin' music and the little penguins were so adorable!
Anyway, here's the photos!
And here's the whole family later in the day at our annual holiday get-together with James high school buddies.  We had a really nice time and so did the kids.  We all returned home tired but happy this evening.  The kids are now in bed as we will be shortly!  Sweet dreams to all!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Pooping and gaging and puking, oh my!

Gracie has a special talent.  We noticed this very early on and it is really weird.  Gracie is a gager.  The thing she gags at most is poop.  Seriously, she has gagged at her own diapers!  She gags if someone makes the bathroom stink.  She gags when she sees Ian's poop.  She gags if the cats do something stinky.  You get the idea, she's a total gager.  I have never ever known such a young kid to have such a natural gag reflex.  It's especially horrible because she doesn't have the ability to have mind over matter control.

So, now that you have some background I hope you are able to fully appreciate the following story.

Wednesday night we headed upstairs for baths and bed.  While on the way upstairs I notice a cat turd on the stair.  Nice.  So I say something to James who is behind me and he says, "Oh shoot, there's another one" and bam, Gracie steps in it.  So I start saying, "pick her up, pick her up....." so she doesn't walk around with poo on her foot and spread it around the house.  He was already holding Ian, so he grabs her up too, and I take her from him.  And I know this isn't going to be good, she's already turning green. 

So I run up the stairs and into her bathroom and I'm saying all kinds of weird things to get her mind off of it.  I'm like "Gracie, you like puppies, right?  And bunnies.  Aren't bunnies cute.  They are so fun.  Wouldn't you like to have a bunny?"  But she's not paying a bit of attention.  I threw her on the sink and I was furiously scrubbing the poop off her foot and talking and trying to get her to not look.  Then she's all clean and I breathe a sigh of relief and let her down on the ground.  Tragedy averted......so I think.

Gracie, like a fly to honey, makes a beeline for the stairs and catches a glimpse and a whiff of the poop.  And she starts gagging.  I rush her away and down the hall towards my room and start my crazy talk again.  Puppies, bunnies, music... whatever I can babble about to take her mind off of it.  And she just keeps gagging.  

And then she pukes.  All over herself, me, and my bedroom floor.  And of course when you are sensitive to these things like she is puking begets more puking.  I grab her up and rush her into our bathroom now and I am rinsing her off and making sure the water isn't too hot and trying once again to get her mind off of it.  And now I am trying to not gag because poop doesn't bother me one bit, but puke.....I am not a fan.  James comes in to help and we are both laughing and I'm gagging and Gracie is puking in my sink.  It was truly a sight to behold.   It was so crazy and gross it was funny.  At least to James and I it was funny.

Then just as quickly as it started it was over.  Gracie stopped puking, James took her to her bath and I cleaned up my bathroom sink and put Ian down to bed.  I was really worried that Gracie was puking because she was actually sick, but she didn't do it again so no worries there.

I pity Gracie's future husband and children.  Because if she doesn't get a hold of this gag reflex raising kids is going to be awfully hard on her family!

And for us, well, just another day in paradise!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Just some recent shots

Thought you might enjoy some recent shots.  They are really the two cutest kids you've ever seen, aren't they??

Big crawler boy, he can get anywhere in the blink of an eye these days.

Maybe they will both be dentists?


She's getting to be such a kid, she just looks so old to me in this picture!

Smilie as always!


Is it love or a wrestling match?  I think it's love!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Update on Jack and more..

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.  Jack came through his surgery just fine, although it appears poor Felicia's nerves are shot!  You can read the update on her blog here.

We are all hanging in there at our house.  The kids and I have head-colds and are trying to recover.  They are doing fine, once again nothing major, just enough to keep us home and make for really bad nights of sleep.  I think I have officially decided that the worst part of being a parent is when your kids are sick.  Even minor illnesses are such a pain in the neck with babies, and I can't even imagine what a major illness would be like.  I had to cancel playgroup which was suppose to be at our house today, and I am waiting to see if I will have to cancel our playdate for tomorrow.  I don't want to knowingly expose anyone to this crud, even though honestly it's probably everywhere.  Who knows where my kids picked this one up, something James brought home from work, the grocery store, the neighbors dog.....it seems like lots of people are sick right now, so it's about impossible to figure out. We have a playgroup planned for our house on Thursday which will be the annual Christmas party for my AP parenting group.  I really don't want to cancel that.  Then Friday we have music class.   Their teacher offered a quick little two week music class that will be all about holiday music.  I am really excited about it.  So, needless to say the kids need to get better, we have lots to do!

We are all set for Christmas around here.  The tree is up, the cards have been sent, and the presents are hiding strategically around the house.  I don't think I am going to wrap much this year, I figure it's easier for the kids that way, and a lot less trash.  I think I will use a few bows on things though.   

I need to get stuff for Ian's birthday now.  The invitations have been sent, but I don't have any of the plans set as far as menu, and I need to decide on a theme and pick up decorations.  I also want to get him one more gift, I'm just not sure what it will be!

We have a busy weekend planned as well, James company has their kids Christmas party on Saturday.  They always give the kids gift bags full of fun stuff, have Santa there to talk to and take pictures with, and then they show a movie.  This will be the first year we actually stay for the movie because it's the first time Gracie will actually be interested!  They are showing Happy Feet.  I am looking forward to it because I have heard it's really funny.  I think they are showing it on the IMAX screen too, which will be really cool.  From that party it looks like we will be driving to Loveland to attend a Christmas party with all James buddies.  We didn't make it last year because I was great with child, so I'm glad we can make it this year. 

Well, I'm gonna go and vacuum my floors since they are in desperate need.  Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Prayers needed

If you are the praying sort please send out prayers for my friend Felicia, her husband Tim, and in particular their little baby boy Jackson.  Jack was diagnosed with Intestional Malrotation today and is being rushed into surgery as I write.  I have Felicia's blog linked to mine, Things That Make Me Go Hummmm......  She has a blurb about it and since writing that was told to get him to the hospital immediately.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.