Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Gospel according to Gracie

On Saturday Gracie and Ian received a Little People Nativity set from my in-laws.  She has been playing with it a lot, and she has some great story lines.  This is just an example of the things that go on.


Me:  So, who is the donkey?

Gracie: His name is Hengry (yes, like a combination between Henry and Hungry, I don't know why).

Me: Oh, and what about the sheep?

Gracie:  His name is Meme.

Me:  OK, what about the Camel?

Gracie:  He's Ben.

Me:  Oh... So, who is this guy?

Gracie: That is a king.  He has treasure, and so does this king. 

Me:  Does this king have treasure too?

Gracie:  No, he has gold.

Me:  Oh, ok.

Gracie: And Mary and baby Jesus go in the barn.  And this is the daddy and he goes to work with this guy (this guy is the Shepard).

She takes the Joseph and puts him on the back of the Hengry (stay with me now, that's the donkey), and rides him off to the other end of the couch while humming Jingle Bells.  Then Hengry returns to pick up the shepherd who is also serenaded with Jingle Bells on his way to work.  They do their work in a pile next to a pillow.  There is no explanation of what this work involves.

Then Gracie returns her attention to the barn. 

Gracie:  This is Mary.  She has to poop.

Me:  Really?  Well, ok then.

Gracie walks Mary around the back of the barn and ceremoniously shakes her saying "poop, poop, poop"  in a very happy and jovial voice. 

Gracie:  Now she is all done and the angel comes to wipe her bottom!

She rubs the angel gently against the backside of Mary.

Me:  Brahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha (this went on for some time).

Gracie:  Why is you laughing mama?

Me:  Because I don't think the angel ever wiped Mary's bottom for her.

Gracie:  Yes him did!!!

Me:  Ok, whatever you say!


I think I may need to read the story to her a few more times, she's obviously not grasping it!!


samantha said...

I cannot stop laughing!!! That is too funny!!! It's just so funny the way kids think--at least you are being entertained during your snow storm!!! Yea, I was at the pool yesterday---got a little sunburned might go to the beach today!!!
I'll think of you!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that's hillarious!!! I can't wait until Adri can talk!!! Stay warm and safe from the snow!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying and I'm trying to laugh silently since Jackson is sleeping beside me and I am hoping to steal away in a moment for a much-needed shower...

Maybe an angel can come scrub my back for me?

HORIZON said...

lol- this is so good. l wish l had written the things down my kids said more. :)