Saturday, December 09, 2006

Meeting Santa!

Today was the kids Christmas party for James company.  Since his company deals with movie theaters they always have the party at one and then we get to see a movie afterwards.  The last two years we have gone for the party to get the goodie bag for Gracie and see Santa, but then we leave because having her sit in a movie is nearly impossible, and besides last year they showed the Narnia movie which was way too scary for her at 19 months old.  And she wouldn't go near Santa, he was too scary too.  But at least she got her goodie bag!
Today we were really hopeful Gracie would talk to Santa.  We've been talking it up for a few days now, telling her she could see Santa and tell him what she wanted and give him her list.  Oh yes, she actually had a list.  The other day she was busy with her markers and crayons and she gave me this little blue sticky note with scribbles all over it and told me it was for Santa.  I did not prompt her to write any sort of note to Santa, it was totally her own thing.  I am now kicking myself because she gave the note to him and he put it in his bag to take back to the north pole and now I don't have it to put with all her special stuff.  Stupid, stupid, stupid mommy! 
Anyway, as you can see from the pictures, Gracie did actually sit on Santa's lap and talk to him.  She was really nervous at first but as she watched other kids she realized Santa was a pretty nice guy.  So she bravely went to him, and sat on his lap and handed him the note.  Then he asked her what she wanted and she blurted out "I want a kitchen" and then he talked to her for a few more seconds and that was it.  She jumped down from his lap and then she turned around and gave him a big hug!  It was so cute, I can't believe we missed a picture of that!
Then it was Ian's turn and he was not too thrilled!  This picture was snapped pretty much as soon as I set him down and just a split second before he went stiff as a board in an attempt to slide between Santa's hands and onto the floor away from that scary man with the white fuzzy face.
Maybe next year we will actually manage a picture with both of them on Santa's lap.
We did attempt the movie after meeting Santa, but we only made it through about 30 minutes.  I want to see the rest of it though so we will have to rent it.  The movie was Happy Feet and I was really enjoying it, but it was in the IMAX theater so everything was really big and really close and really loud.  Gracie doesn't do so well when stuff is loud and intense so we decided it was best to leave before she was really upset.  I think she'll like it better at home, it had some rockin' music and the little penguins were so adorable!
Anyway, here's the photos!
And here's the whole family later in the day at our annual holiday get-together with James high school buddies.  We had a really nice time and so did the kids.  We all returned home tired but happy this evening.  The kids are now in bed as we will be shortly!  Sweet dreams to all!


samantha said...

Gracie looks so serious---too funny!!! My kids are begging to see Santa so I think we'll go sometime this week---I love Christmas with kids--it's so fun!!!

Sue said...

I've heard that Happy Feet is a great movie. Glad Gracie enjoyed Santa! Ian will too, in good time!

Anonymous said...

A great picture of the four of you, I must say! You're all gorgeous! You have the nicest smile, too. You can always tell what someone is like by their smile, you know.

I'm with the kids. Santa is scary. If some guy in a felt costume and a beard wanted me to sit on his lap I think I would use some pepper spray on him and run the other way, know what I mean? I completely understand why kids are afraid of the guy for the first little while. I'm thinking that Gutsy might just be old enough now, at 4, to want anything to do with Santa. We may get pictures this year. Horray!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so bummed I missed the party, but I'll be home Friday night woo hoo.