Friday, December 08, 2006

Pooping and gaging and puking, oh my!

Gracie has a special talent.  We noticed this very early on and it is really weird.  Gracie is a gager.  The thing she gags at most is poop.  Seriously, she has gagged at her own diapers!  She gags if someone makes the bathroom stink.  She gags when she sees Ian's poop.  She gags if the cats do something stinky.  You get the idea, she's a total gager.  I have never ever known such a young kid to have such a natural gag reflex.  It's especially horrible because she doesn't have the ability to have mind over matter control.

So, now that you have some background I hope you are able to fully appreciate the following story.

Wednesday night we headed upstairs for baths and bed.  While on the way upstairs I notice a cat turd on the stair.  Nice.  So I say something to James who is behind me and he says, "Oh shoot, there's another one" and bam, Gracie steps in it.  So I start saying, "pick her up, pick her up....." so she doesn't walk around with poo on her foot and spread it around the house.  He was already holding Ian, so he grabs her up too, and I take her from him.  And I know this isn't going to be good, she's already turning green. 

So I run up the stairs and into her bathroom and I'm saying all kinds of weird things to get her mind off of it.  I'm like "Gracie, you like puppies, right?  And bunnies.  Aren't bunnies cute.  They are so fun.  Wouldn't you like to have a bunny?"  But she's not paying a bit of attention.  I threw her on the sink and I was furiously scrubbing the poop off her foot and talking and trying to get her to not look.  Then she's all clean and I breathe a sigh of relief and let her down on the ground.  Tragedy I think.

Gracie, like a fly to honey, makes a beeline for the stairs and catches a glimpse and a whiff of the poop.  And she starts gagging.  I rush her away and down the hall towards my room and start my crazy talk again.  Puppies, bunnies, music... whatever I can babble about to take her mind off of it.  And she just keeps gagging.  

And then she pukes.  All over herself, me, and my bedroom floor.  And of course when you are sensitive to these things like she is puking begets more puking.  I grab her up and rush her into our bathroom now and I am rinsing her off and making sure the water isn't too hot and trying once again to get her mind off of it.  And now I am trying to not gag because poop doesn't bother me one bit, but puke.....I am not a fan.  James comes in to help and we are both laughing and I'm gagging and Gracie is puking in my sink.  It was truly a sight to behold.   It was so crazy and gross it was funny.  At least to James and I it was funny.

Then just as quickly as it started it was over.  Gracie stopped puking, James took her to her bath and I cleaned up my bathroom sink and put Ian down to bed.  I was really worried that Gracie was puking because she was actually sick, but she didn't do it again so no worries there.

I pity Gracie's future husband and children.  Because if she doesn't get a hold of this gag reflex raising kids is going to be awfully hard on her family!

And for us, well, just another day in paradise!!


Sue said...

My daughter used to be a gagger too! She outgrew it as she got older, but she still has a bit of a sensitive stomach.
(She is able to change diapers and clean up puke!)

samantha said...

That is too funny!!! I was imagining the whole scene and laughing to myself!!! My brother Gabe was a gager like that---I don't know what he's gonna do when they have kids!! Chase gags though not quite like Gracie and I think some of his is because he wants to (: Sounds like you guys are having a great time over there!!!

Brandi said...

Oh my gosh that's hilarious!!! Of course in a "Oh that's awful I'm so sorry" kind of way... My husband is that way, so if Adri ever has any problems, I'm on my own!

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious. I am the same as Gracie and there have been many a time I have been running to the bathroom because of a smell. I was laughing so hard at your description until I realized that it could have been me you were talking about. I can't tell you what it is like being a gagger and having a dog that has stomach problems. Not fun.

Anonymous said...

This had me rolling in laughter. I hope Gracie wasn't paying attention to your distraction tactics. Otherwise, she might be expecting the bunny you offered.

I do not recommend the bunny as a pet for Gracie. I had 2 as a child, and let me tell you, they poop. A lot. And it's stinky.

I don't see how a pet bunny would rectify this problem AT ALL!