Monday, December 04, 2006

Prayers needed

If you are the praying sort please send out prayers for my friend Felicia, her husband Tim, and in particular their little baby boy Jackson.  Jack was diagnosed with Intestional Malrotation today and is being rushed into surgery as I write.  I have Felicia's blog linked to mine, Things That Make Me Go Hummmm......  She has a blurb about it and since writing that was told to get him to the hospital immediately.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.


Pamela said...

Hey Mama, your link isn't working for me. I will check back tomorrow and see if it works then. My prayers will be for a successful surgery and for peace and comfort for the long road ahead. I have heard of this condition and I am so sorry for anyone when they have a little one that needs medical attention. God is faithful and will not forsake us. Thanks for the heads up. :)

samantha said...

I read her blog this morning---I will be praying--is the surgery supposed to be difficult?

The Mama said...

Thanks Pam, I fixed the link.

Anonymous said...

Just popped in to say THANK YOU to you Alice, for posting this and to anyone who took a moment to remember my family in their prayers.

Growing up, I would jot down quotes I heard in sermons that resonated with me. One in particular that I will never forget is, "Intercession is love on its knees."

So thank you for loving us and interceding on our behalf...regardless of the posture involved. We have truly felt God's care and protection through this ordeal.