Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Update on Jack and more..

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.  Jack came through his surgery just fine, although it appears poor Felicia's nerves are shot!  You can read the update on her blog here.

We are all hanging in there at our house.  The kids and I have head-colds and are trying to recover.  They are doing fine, once again nothing major, just enough to keep us home and make for really bad nights of sleep.  I think I have officially decided that the worst part of being a parent is when your kids are sick.  Even minor illnesses are such a pain in the neck with babies, and I can't even imagine what a major illness would be like.  I had to cancel playgroup which was suppose to be at our house today, and I am waiting to see if I will have to cancel our playdate for tomorrow.  I don't want to knowingly expose anyone to this crud, even though honestly it's probably everywhere.  Who knows where my kids picked this one up, something James brought home from work, the grocery store, the neighbors dog.....it seems like lots of people are sick right now, so it's about impossible to figure out. We have a playgroup planned for our house on Thursday which will be the annual Christmas party for my AP parenting group.  I really don't want to cancel that.  Then Friday we have music class.   Their teacher offered a quick little two week music class that will be all about holiday music.  I am really excited about it.  So, needless to say the kids need to get better, we have lots to do!

We are all set for Christmas around here.  The tree is up, the cards have been sent, and the presents are hiding strategically around the house.  I don't think I am going to wrap much this year, I figure it's easier for the kids that way, and a lot less trash.  I think I will use a few bows on things though.   

I need to get stuff for Ian's birthday now.  The invitations have been sent, but I don't have any of the plans set as far as menu, and I need to decide on a theme and pick up decorations.  I also want to get him one more gift, I'm just not sure what it will be!

We have a busy weekend planned as well, James company has their kids Christmas party on Saturday.  They always give the kids gift bags full of fun stuff, have Santa there to talk to and take pictures with, and then they show a movie.  This will be the first year we actually stay for the movie because it's the first time Gracie will actually be interested!  They are showing Happy Feet.  I am looking forward to it because I have heard it's really funny.  I think they are showing it on the IMAX screen too, which will be really cool.  From that party it looks like we will be driving to Loveland to attend a Christmas party with all James buddies.  We didn't make it last year because I was great with child, so I'm glad we can make it this year. 

Well, I'm gonna go and vacuum my floors since they are in desperate need.  Hope you all have a great day!


Chris said...

I am sure that I asked this, but when is Ian's birthday? I am working on Andrew's party on the 16th. (His birthday is the 23rd, but we try to separate it from Christmas) We are doing Bob the Builder.

I love the Christmas card. The kids are so cute. My cards might be late this year, I am so swamped. I am trying for this week.

I am going to try to get Andrew to
unwrap things so we have larger bits of wrapping paper, so we can use the back for coloring. Also, I might try to use the scraps for some kind of art project. Maybe paper maiche ornaments or cards for next year.

Hope you all feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Sick kids make for a lot of work, a lot of sleepless nights and is by far the worst part of parenting. We just went through a week of colds and it was brutal! You have my sympathies.

I'm glad to hear that baby Jackson is doing alright. Thank goodness! I have a baby Jackson (AKA Spawnling in my blog) so I praying extra hard for them. I'm going to go read his update right after I post this.

You're far more organized than I am. Christmas so chaotic this year! I'm going to try and get organized like you. Hah! :P

The Mama said...

Ian's birthday is the 30th, poor guy, sandwiched right between Christmas and New Years! I immediately felt bad when I figured my due date right afer I got pregnant. I would not have choosen a holiday birthday, but that's just how it fell!

Jeni said...

Glad to hear little Jackson is doing good! I can feel Ian's pain! My birthday is always right on or near Thanksgiving. Not as bad as Christmas, but still...when you're a kid it stinks!

Sue said...

Sorry I haven't been around. Busy busy, but glad to see little Jackson came through his surgery well. Sorry to hear your kiddos have been sick. Lots of that going around!
My children are both January babies and they married people born in December. We celebrate for about 5 weeks!

Granny said...

I'm a little behind on reading. So glad your friend's son made it through surgery okay.

And thank you for the comment and your kindness. We're hanging in somehow.