Tuesday, December 19, 2006

An update

The doctors diagnosis was:


Walking Cast!!!


Of course I am thrilled beyond thrilled because being off my feet for 3 weeks was simply unimaginable.  Being off my feet for 3 days was bad enough.

I have one of those removable walking casts.  It is not the most comfortable thing in the world, and it is quite heavy.  Honestly I think I would prefer a fiberglass cast.  If memory serves me correctly they are not this heavy and once it was on I didn't feel much pain at all and felt very protected.  This thing is weird, it takes a lot of adjusting to get it right, and then once you take if off you have to start all over again to get it to fit right.  It's actually an aircast, it has all these little nozzles where you use this little pump to inflate air bladders in 4 areas of the cast.  It's nifty, but I think it could stand some improvement.

The break is similar to the one 9 weeks ago actually, but it's higher up on the bone and it also re-injured the first one, so I essentially have two fractures right now.  The orthopedist did say my doctor treated the first one properly though, it's just really unlucky that it happened again.

So, that's that. 

Also, a huge thank you so much to all my friends that happily offered their time to come and help me out, and to James mom Heather, who came on Saturday and made a bunch of food for our freezer to help make things easier.   I was overwhelmed by all the offers and if I did have to be off my feet we were only going to have to pay for help a very small amount of the time.  Good friends are worth their weight in gold!!

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samantha said...

I'm so glad you can be out and about!!! I know it will make for a much Merrier Christmas!(: