Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh man, I hate Blogger sometimes!!! I still can't get my blog writing program to work, so I have no title bars and can't do the pictures fast or in any sort of order. I have been working on getting the pictures uploaded for an hour now, no kidding!

Anyway, here are pictures from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Gracie in her car seat with a new girly cover!

Spaghetti Boy!
Pictures from the Great Western Stockshow:

Gracie with a cute little Donkey
The fam, minus little old me.
Gracie the cowgirl!
Gracie and Dominik chilling out with a movie.
Horace the box cat.
He can walk now folks!! I love these next pictures, he looks like he's tipping over in every single one!

Yeah, and he does stairs too. This is a picture of his very first solo trip.
And finally, some birthday party pictures!

Ian the mini fireman.

The cake.

So that's what we've been up to.

Also, my mom and Dave were here for a couple days last week, I will get some pictures of that up when my mom e-mails me some. ETA: The pictures came as I was publishing, so here they are:

We also had lunch with James parents and Andy on Saturday and passed James dads truck which he gave to us a couple years ago, on to Andy who needed a car. We're keeping it in the family.

We also got some bad news that pretty much ruins our chances of moving for awhile. Unfortunately KB Homes has been underselling a bunch of the condos here because the market is so crummy. And because of this our property is assessing for $15,000 less than we paid for it. We just found this out yesterday. Anyway, we already knew we were going to have issues because we knew what KB was closing homes at, I looked on the county website. But I was holding out hope that just maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Well, it's about as bad as it can get. So, we are going to sit tight and do some home improvements on this place while hopefully the market comes back and KB gets the rest of this development sold.

That's what's up here in our little world. Ta-ta for now!


samantha said...

Ian is too cute ---I love when they start walking---my kids were always bumping their heads--it looked like we beat them with all the bruises they had---I think Jack will be the same way---esp. with our tile floors---I HATE them!!!

Chris said...

I agree with Sam, they are just so cute when they start walking. Try having old metal radiators, Sam. Poor Andrew with his large head would smack it into everything. Both of the kids are super cute, Alice. I am sorry to hear about the housing situation. I hope you guys can work it out.

Princess Consuela Bananahammock said...

The kidlets are SOOOO CUTE!!!

Can you at least petition the county to get a reduction on your property tax bill since the property value has gone down? Maybe?