Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gracieisms- She's full of them these days and I rarely remember them long enough to type them out. But today I have a few to share.

First off, she's taken to calling James and I by our first names. I think it's because Dominik does. I've decided it's really weird to have your own kid call you by your first name, it makes me feel like I'm a nanny again. Alternately she calls us mother and father. Only like "mudder" and "fadder".

She's also taken to saying ma'am. I have no idea why. But she says "Thank you ma'am" to me all the time and it's so funny.

Holy Cow is one of her new phrases.

Today she told me she wants a new dog, and it should be pink. I told her there aren't any dogs that are pink. She then told me that we could just get any new dog and build it a pink dog house. I told her we have to wait to get another dog til we have a yard since Maggie is the size of a small pony and we don't have room for another dog!

She loves descriptive words like difficult, fabulous, beautiful, frustrated, etc..... These words are all pronounced as Elmer Fudd would say them.

It's snowing out (again, aghhhh) and while we were driving today she sighed and asked "Is it Christmas again?" I told her no, but it sure seems like it might be.

Whenever she makes a mess she just gets a chipper voice on and says "Oh, that's ok mommy, you can clean it up!"

She calls McDonalds "Old MacDonalds".

She's gotten very creative and she makes up stories and has phone conversations all day long. April you should know she calls you at least once a day and from what I can gather you always have a very nice talk.

She's super into pink right now. She has already made it very clear that she wants a pink birthday. Ian had a fireman birthday so I asked her what she wanted and she just said "pink". I said "you mean pink decorations?" and she's like, "yes, and a pink dress, and a pink cake." Alrighty then....we'll see if she still feels the same in 3 months.

At her swimming class they sing songs and then when they are done instead of clapping the teacher says "yay, splashes!!" and they kind of slap the water and splash (think jazz hands, but down to the water). So, she's taken to using this phrase to celebrate anything. When she's happy she'll say "yay, splashes!!" and smack at the air like she's whacking away a bug or something.

She's started leading prayers at dinner, only she calls it her wishes, which usually consists of a list of things she wants. Then she makes us tell what our wishes are too.

She calls elevators and escalators alligators.

There are so many more, but I swear when I go to write them my mind just goes blank. Anyway, I think I am going to do an interview with her soon, so you can get to know her in her own words!! If you have any questions you would like answered please feel free to let me know what they are.


April Showers said...

I love the Gracie-isms. You're smart for writing them down. Too fun! So a pink birthday huh? That sounds fun. Are you guys still thinking about doing the Disney thing this year or is that postponed? When will you be in Chicago?

The Mama said...

Well, Disney is on hold for at least another year til they are older. I don't really want to wait but since I don't make the money I got voted down! (;

I'll e-mail you our plans for Chicago.

Chris said...

Let me know when you want to do Disney because my stepmom is a cast member. If you know enough in advance she can probably get you a discount on resort (I think it is like 40% discount.)

The Mama said...


That would be awesome! I want to go this year really really bad, but it makes more sense to put the money into the house this year and go when the kids are a little older and will remember it.

I want to go now though, I love Disney!!

Susie said...

Loved reading all the cute girly expressions! An all pink party sounds so sweet. It would be an easy theme to follow!!
Little Ian looks like he has no fear on those stairs!!

samantha said...

She is too funny!! My boys are always calling us by our first names---they think it's so funny! We are leaving for Chicago on Saturday--so we will be there when you are there---I cannot believe we will actually be able to see each other---I'll get you my parents number and you can get me your Dad's!!

Princess Consuela Bananahammock said...

AHHH! I love Graciesms!

I am TOTES going to start saying "yay splashes" and slap imaginary water when something makes me happy.

HORIZON said...

kids say the funniest of things- l wish l had written what my lot said down- kept a wee diary of what they said and why.
Hope you have all been keeping well.