Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An article really worth the reading if you or anyone you know takes antibiotics.

I have a friend that was diagnosed with this as a result of the antibiotics she had after he first baby was born by c-section. Scary stuff.


krs said...

Hello, Mama! Stagmom here (KS). The link to the Dartmouth prof who speaks about HPV is sooooo long - if you google "indiana star diane harper" you'll find a site that has the article and the url listed there. You can get to the star from it. Come back anytime!

And autism is often preceded by tremendous use of antibiotics which destroys the natural flora of the gut. The brain and the gut share much work together.

samantha said...

That's what my mom had when she almost died last summer---however, hers was not from antibiotics---she was just somehow exposed and because her immune system was so low she contracted it---she actually just had her 2nd surgery to reattach what she has left of her colon so she doesn't have a bag anymore! Anyway, I don't mind antibiotics when needed and I sure watch out for Dr.'s who just seem to prescribe them for no reason---we have one here like that so I quit taking the kids to her!