Friday, March 02, 2007

Cloth Diapers

I have never blogged of my love of cloth diapers so I think I will today.

I have used cloth since Gracie was born. I ordered her diapers while she was still in my belly and I was so excited to use them!! The only time either of our kids use disposables is when we travel and lately at night because I over bought pull-ups (Gracie still wears a diaper at night although it is dry a good amount of the time) and diapers for our trip. I decided before she was born that I would use them because I just thought it made sense. It's a lot cheaper than disposables in the long run, and in today's day and age cloth diapers are amazingly simple and cute!!

I currently use Fuzzi Bunz, and they are the diaper I recommend to anyone that is going to do cloth. I have used Chinese prefolds with many types of covers, Little Lambs, Kushies all-in-ones, a few diapers made by WAHM's, and Wonderoos. Basically I have used every variety of diaper that is available. The problems with most of them is that they are either bulky (prefolds and covers), they are not the best quality and leak (Little Lambs and Wonderoos), or they retain a horrible stink after awhile (any all in one diaper I have tried). But Fuzzi Bunz are different and wonderful and I love them!!

They are very simple. They are two piece. The diaper piece is the outer cover with many snaps for adjusting at the leg and waist, and the inner fleece lining that is oh so soft. The second piece is the insert, which is a microfiber terry material. It slides in from the back to the front between the cover and the fleece lining. That's it. As soon as that piece is in it's as easy to put on as any disposable diaper. Here's a link if you want to see them in person.

I love doing cloth for a lot of reasons. First it is so economical. There is an initial investment but it pays off quickly. Second, my kids very rarely get rashes. Like Gracie had maybe 5 and so far Ian has had two very minor ones. So not only do you save money on the cost of diapers, you also don't spend money on tons of diaper cream. Third it is earth friendly. Sure I guess I use a little more water doing two extra loads of laundry a week. But I wash without even using detergent now, so I am not sending chemicals and pollutants back out with the water. And I am not filling a land fill with human waste. When you think about that, the amount of human waste that is in landfills, it's really very gross. A child from birth to potty training will go fill what amounts to the space a large vehicle would take up in a landfill. And all of that is full of human waste. Every kid. One whole vehicle. Yuck. And then there's the chemicals that are in the diapers which are really not earth or body friendly. Fourth, it's just plain cute. There are so many colors and prints you can get now, and the diapers close with velcro or snaps, there are no pins to mess with. It's simple and adorable. I love letting my kids run around with just their diapers on!!

I think the cloth diaper revolution is catching on, I see more and more kids wearing them these days. Most of my friends kids wear cloth, but I admittedly hang with a pretty crunchy crowd, so that's probably why. Cloth diapers are getting to be so user friendly though, I honestly think that more people will be using them as time goes on. I think every new parent should at least give it some consideration, and if you want advice on the subject I'd be happy to give it out!!!


Princess Consuela Bananahammock said...

I am also madly in love with my FB's. Jack's already on the 3rd thigh-snap in his Mediums. I see a set of Larges on the horizon!

Did you hear about the eBay shenanigans? They no longer allow you to sell used CD's, they classify them as used underwear. That sucks, because I liked selling off my too-small stash and using that $ towards sizing up.

samantha said...

Ah, you are a better woman than I---good for you!!!

The Mama said...

Wow, I did not hear about the thing on ebay!! Weird!

You can still sell them on Craigslist though!

Brandi said...

We're heavily considering investing in cloth for our next baby (whenever THAT happens). We just have to figure out how to get them little bit by little bit so it doesn't kill our budget.