Sunday, March 18, 2007

A few shots!!
Here's a before of the sink:
And after:

And a few from the park yesterday. The weather has been soooooooooo wonderful, warm and sunny. I am so thankful! I know there is always the chance of a cold spell and more snow but for now it is warm and we can play outside and I am so glad!!!!

I should add to this, Ian is out of his little wrist brace too. After being in arms for 4 days straight while sick his wrist was able to heal up really well. The doctor at the ER said one or two weeks would be all it would take and he was right!!!


Susie said...

That didn't take too long to heal!
The sunshine must be wonderful after all that snow!~

HORIZON said...

That is such a sweet last pic of you both- he needs his mum just now for sure ;)

April Showers said...

Yeah for no more brace. Ian's hair is getting grows fast. Although I guess it's been almost 3 months since I've seen him. Did you cut Gracie's hair again? It looks shorter. And yeah for a picture of you on here...that's a rarity! Like the sink too!