Monday, March 05, 2007

Just a few pictures.

I have an entire post with tons of pictures saved on my other blog writing program, but I just can't get it to work with the new blogger for some reason. So I will just put a few pictures up here today!
Here's a couple from our trip. If you are looking for pictures from the mini-reunion I put them up on the class web site. There are just too many to wait for blogger to load them.
Here we are on the plane on the way to Chicago.
This is Gracie with Grandma Peggy showing her how our little DVD player worked!
And here's Ian at my Grandparents house. I don't know how I didn't get pictures of both my grandparents and the kids. I can't believe I didn't!!! I swear sometimes my brain just doesn't work.

This picture is from Ian's first haircut. This is the before:

This is the after:

I know, you might not think it looks all that different, but I sure do!! I only had them do just a trim of his bangs up above his eyes and a slight trim all around. I'm just not ready for him to have a big boy haircut yet. He's my baby!!!!

And finally a couple shots from our big outing this weekend, the Wiggles concert. It actually wasn't nearly as much fun this year, we should not have brought Ian. He just didn't want to sit still and we spent more than half the concert trading places so he could play out by the concession stands! Oh well, now we know, no more concerts for him for a year or two!! Gracie enjoyed it though, especially once she had some lemonade and popcorn!

Here are the Wiggles in all their glory! We got a chance to meet Sam, the Wiggle that has taken Gregs place and he was really good!! (I know this pictures looks weird, Ian dropped our camera in Chicago and now sometimes it has lines through the pictures or the pictures make us look all white like ghosts. It is really frustrating cause a lot of pictures aren't coming out right now.)

And here's Ian outside the concert watching a swim meet that was going on. The concert was at DU so we got to see swimming and also a La Crosse game while attending the concert.


Susie said...

Cute photos. They're both so cute and growing fast!

Pamela said...

Love the photos! Ian looks so cute with his haircut. What a beautiful Grandmother. Gracie must have enjoyed spending time with her! Thanks for sharing! Amazing to see how fast they are growing! :)

Any luck with selling your house, or did you change your mind...

The Mama said...

Thanks Pam!! Peggy is indeed a beautiful woman, inside and out!! She's my grandpa's third wife after two losses. She's a wonderful lady. I'm not sure how old she is but my grandpa is a very spry 92!!!

HORIZON said...

That is a lovely first photo of you with the children ;)
Glad you had a good visit- kids are adorable :)