Thursday, March 01, 2007


"Yes Gracie"

"Ian needs his own tea party"

"You mean his own tea set?"


"Why can't he just play with yours"

"Because it's impossible."

"Oh really?? Why??"

"Because the policeman said so."

"Oh really......"

"Yes, and it would be dangerous"

"Hummm, why is it dangerous?"

"Because he spills my water."

"Oh, so Ian needs his own tea set because he spills your water and it is dangerous?"


"OK, well, we'll see if he wants his own when he can talk."

"OK Mommy, thanks."


Heather said...

Too funny! I hope Gracie will share some tea with Ian. Tell her I shall come for a tea party soon! Does Ian say much to Gracie yet? I'm sure he is communicating in some way. Later, Grandma

samantha said...

Oh too cute!!! Tell Gracie I would love to have a tea party with her!! She's just so cute---I'm so glad I got to see your kids---it was so fun!!

April Showers said...

You gotta be careful letting boys come to tea parties, right? They don't really know the proper way to behave at such a girlie event! :-) So do you guys have more snow? I saw on the news some info about a Denver area snow storm recently. We're getting rain, and then many days that are Spring-like. It just never really did winter out here this year. Might as well let Spring come on in! How's James? What are you guys planning for Gracie's birthday? I need to start figuring out when I can be there for the big celebration.

Susie said...

Gotta love that reasoning! I can remember playing house with my little brothers. I was always the Mommy and they were the babies. They didn't find it nearly as much fun as me!