Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today it is snowing!!

It's a good thing though, we really haven't had much moisture to speak of. I love spring snow, it never sticks around, just makes everything look pretty and then melts in a day!

We have not made a house decision yet. The place we thought we would love was.....well, it was really nice, but lacking two really important things. First of all you can't access the backyard directly from the house, you would have to go through the garage. I don't know who thought that was a good design, but it really won't work for us with two little kids. And it is lacking A/C or a swamp cooler. That just won't do, we are a hot blooded family!

So we are still looking, nothing really struck us on Tuesday. I am going to meet Karen in a little while and see some homes that are not in Parker but are west of here and closer to James office. They are primarily older brick ranch homes which James and I both just love. So.....we'll see!

Here's a few photos. The first one is Gracie wearing one of my old dresses. I wore that dress when I was a flower girl in my aunt Judy and uncle Bill's wedding. I am so glad we tried it on her because I thought it would be too big, but it ended up almost not fitting her!! Apparently I was even skinnier than she is!!! Anyway, it was just adorable on her as you can see!

I decided to take a picture of myself today too, because I am having a great hair day, and those can be few and far between!!

And here are a couple of Gracie and Dominik from last week at the zoo!

None of Ian today, I guess he's been hiding!!


samantha said...

Gracie looks adorable---she's so cute!! Your hair is so stinkin curly---if you came here it would probably be everywhere---mine even actually curls here--just underneath---drives me crazy!!

Brandi said...

Ah yes...the snow. Gotta love that. But it WILL leave soon!! We'll have to get together with the kids once Spring REr-arrives ;-)

April Showers said...

I love that dress on pretty. Gracie is getting so big! I can't believe she's almost 3 - Yikes! Have a good weekend! Love you guys!

Mrs. Powers if you're nasty said...

Gracie looks so cute!!! I hope the house hunt goes well. Our new casa is a 2 story, but Timmy has a Ranch Tooth (if you remember the Wendy's commercial from a while back - if not, it's here):
so our next house will be a ranch with a huge basement!